Synthrotek DS-M Eurorack Analog Drum Synth Module

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The DS-M (Drum Synth Module) is a complex, modifiable, 100% analog drum synth loosely based on the Coron DS-8 and neatly packaged into an 8hp module.

Changes to the original DS-8 include:
VCA-like trigger input (more voltage = louder output)
Trimmer-adjustable attack
LED trigger indicator
1v/o tracking (C0-C4)
Triangle core oscillator
Additional noise color switch setting (3 settings instead of 2)
More distinct noise timbres
Louder, improved noise circuit
Really LOW bass frequencies
Total range ~4Hz to 2.6kHz

Reco-Synth :::: The Giant Lee ::::

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Background video description:

Modular Synth built to my friend Denis Lee.
It has a main case, with the basic functions.
A second case with the drum machine session
A third case with the sequencer and some effects.


First Modular Synthesizer Test (Blue Lantern Dwarf Star / Arturia BeatStep)

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Background video description:

My first try on my Modular Synth :D

Buchla Retro Space Improv Nov 2014

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Some retro electronic sounds created with a mix of modern Buchla 200e modules,DIY “retro 100″ modules.. and a Tape Delay.

Astropod ~ a modular ambient journey ~

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Ambient piece from his forthcoming album on Bandcamp.

More info here >>

50th Anniversary of the Moog Modular Synthesizer

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October 12, 2014 marks the 50 Year anniversary of the unveiling of the Moog modular synthesizer at the Audio Engineering Society’s (AES) New York convention. On that day in 1964, Dr. Robert Moog introduced the world to a completely new type of instrument that would go on to change the course of music history and influence decades of future instrument design. Told by a Moog engineer, Moog Historian, and Bob Moog himself, this mini-documentary explores Moog Music’s quest to resurrect the original methods, materials and designs used in the foundational modular synths. Through recreating Keith Emerson’s modular system, Moog Music rediscovers the power, elegance, and enduring legacy of its first instruments.

Find out more at

Retro Electronic Sci-fi Sounds

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Testing more DIY “Retro 100″ modules.

WMD – Geiger Counter In-Depth Overview

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Alex takes us throught the features and functions of the WMD Geiger Counter Eurorack Module.

Make Noise modular: “Piano Phase” (1967)

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Playing around with Steve Reich’s “Piano Phase” on a Make Noise/Expert Sleepers 3U, with a little help from a Korg NanoKontrol and Ableton Live.

Ableton details:

Nanokontrol channels 1-4 control the signal inputs (DPO A sine, DPO A saw, DPO B sine, DPO B final):
Fader: Input level
Top button: turns Beat Repeat on/off
Middle button (not used here): toggles Beat Repeat output mode (Mix/Insert/Gate)
Bottom button: Engages record/overdub on a Looper (via sends A, B, C, D)

Nanokontrol channels 5-8 control the returns (A, B, C, D, each containing a Looper effect):
Faders: Return level
Top button: activates/deactivates Looper
Middle button (not used here): pitches loop up
Bottom button (not used here): pitches loop down

The MIDI file used here was downloaded from the following link:

“Piano Phase” can be heard here:

Steve Reich’s website:

Sand – Modular machines in action

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Make Noise Mysteron is center stage (coming in around 1:15). Full patch includes Zularic Repetitor, a143-1, BD909, BD808, SD808, Basimilus Iteritas, a138b, Quad LFO, Dual Delay, Erbe Verb, STO, Mysteron, e355, submit 7, Wogglebug, Maths, DPO, Echophon, Metropolis, Rene, Dual ADSR, uVCA, and Optomix.

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