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Waldorf Music has introduced its Eurorack Pack, a stylish, state-of-the-art, self-contained modular synth system, comprising the kb37 Controller Keyboard, and three colourful new modules for the Eurorack format to accompany the already-available nw1 Wavetable Module launched last year.

Our developers came up with a keyboard that is both intuitive for the beginner and versatile for the professional. And it’s just as solid and elegant as all our instruments that we build here at Waldorf in Germany. kb37 is a compact and rugged performance instrument. It can house up to 100 HP of modules in its conveniently angled panel that sits right on top of the super high-quality Fatar TP9 keyboard.

With its high-resolution and temperature stable 16-bit CV interface, it provides extremely flexible control for your modules. MIDI channels are programmable, making the kb37 the perfect partner for both studio and stage. It provides perfect connectivity to all your modules to serve both the player and the sound designer’s desires with an array of real-time control elements such as pitch and mod wheels. The professional, full-sized 37-note keybed transmits velocity and aftertouch.

New modules

  • mod1 — Three different modulation sources in one module make the mod1 the control center of your modular patch. From simple envelopes and LFOs to complex looped multi-stage curves, the mod1 delivers rich and endless modulation options – all based on pure analogue circuitry for everything from super- smooth curves to razor-sharp edges that never sound “digital”. From gently undulating LFOs to ultra-precise hard cuts, you get it all based on innovative analogue circuits for a truly musical touch.
  • dvca1 — Built around two VCAs with a wide range of options including the most important one: the ability to musically colour the signal. Starting in dry mode, you get high-precision analogue amplification. But then when you turn the Colour knob, you add a warmer and more colourful timbre to the signal based on a finely-crafted state variable filtering circuit. But there’s more: Simultaneous linear and exponential control as well as specialised AC and DC coupled inputs are provided. A positive gain control makes the dvca1 a true “amplifier,” and flexible link modes let you create modulated panning.
  • cmp1 — A true high-end analogue compressor not only adds punch to your signal, but it also can be modulated in intriguing and unconventional ways! Side-chaining with a adjustable balance control will open a huge set of modular possibilities. The cmp1 has all the features you expect from a modern compressor including attack and release control, automatic and manual modes, hard and soft knee as well as output gain and bleed amount of the original signal.

The Eurorack Pack products are expected to ship Q3 2016.

» Keyboard & controllers
— Fatar TP9 37-keys keyboard with aftertouch
— Multiple velocity curves
— Pitchbend wheel
— Modulation wheel
— Glide
— Selectable note priority
— Octave up/down switch
— Gate retrigger
» Module section
— Width: 545mm/107 HP
— Eurorack compatible bus
— Bus CV & Gate linkable to CV interface via jumpers
— Built-in regulated power-supply (+12V/-12V, 1.5A)
» CV interface
— 8 CV outputs
— Pitch
— Velocity
— Aftertouch
— Pitchbend
— Modwheel
— 3 user-assignable MIDI controllers
— 3 Trigger outputs
—Clock & Reset outputs for MIDI sync
» Connections
— USB with isolation
— MIDI In, Out, Thru
— Sustain pedal input
— Sensor input?/?output
— Stereo line outputs with volume control
— Headphones output with separate volume control



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