Electronic instruments: Caelestis Teaser

December 30, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Caelestis is a unique, sample based generative music app that creates sounds with bouncing balls. Three shapes on the screen are used as ‘rooms’ that contain a sound. Different coloured balls can be thrown around inside these rooms, generating notes when one collides with a side. Using different combinations of balls and sounds, all kinds of beautiful performances can be achieved.



- Three rooms, with up to three balls at one time per room. Each room can be spun around to change the path of the balls inside.
- Balls added and removed easily by dragging or tapping in the middle of each room.
- Four different ball colours.
- Speed control for the balls.
- Pitch control using the built in keyboard, octave control using the different coloured balls.
- Delay and Reverb FX.
- A mixer unit, allowing volume and FX control over each room.
- 30 presets in three categories: Tuned, Abstract and Percussive.
- Import your own samples into the app via Audio Paste. Audio can be re-pitched by up to 12 semitones. Please note that only WAV and MP3 are supported formats.
- Record your performances and export them via Audio Copy
- Please note that Audio Copy and Paste is only available after a paid upgrade.

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