EMW-200 – The Time Tunnel video opening

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Opening for the EMW-200 demonstrations. Computer Graphics by EMW – Soundtrack by Malte Steiner.

Some of the things to explore on the EMW-200:

The Delay module on the EMW-200 uses a special design that emulates a vintage echo chamber, it is very usefull and has controls for the Delay Time, Repetition (regeneration) and Effect Mix.

The Switch module on the EMW-200 (as on the EML-200) is an analog switch circuit that works intercalating two audio signals. These singals enters the module thru the A (11) and B (14) inputs, which has a gain control associated with each one. The switching frequency can be controlled by the SW. FREQ. potentiometer and the time relation between the two signals can be controlled by the A/B ON TIME control.

There are two filters on the EMW-200 and they are of the exact same type found on the EML-200, one is a Highpass and the other is a Lowpass filter, both are 6db/oct. These filters give a very characteristic tone to the synthesizer sound, almost like an effect that dips things into a dark or misty athmosphere. They are not usual filters as we are used to see, they are simple and have unusual characteristics, but their simplicity turns out to be a powerfull feature and at some extend gives to this machine its sound personality.

The Wave Shaper on the EMW-200 is a module composed of 4 submodules, a sample & hold (SAMPLER), an oscillator with pulse width control, an A/D (Attack/Decay) generator and a Ring Modulator. Beyond that there is a switching system that selects 4 ways to feed the modulation input of the ring modulator module and a manual trigger for the attack/decay generator.
On our EMW-200 we made a simple upgrade adding a switch to configure the pulse input (20) to work as a pulse output from the internal oscillator or to allow the attack/decay generator and the sample & hold to be triggered by an external pulse.
On this module we also replaced the mechanical rotary switch with a digital controlled relay system.


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