Teenage Engineering OP-1, Korg Volca Keys and EMW Modular Synthesizer

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Op-1 connected to an iMac and sending MIDI for Volca Keys and EMW Modular Synth with Ableton Live. Endless sequencer is a lot of fun, Volca Keys is a great partner for the op-1 and the little EMW Modular sounds awesome.


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A first simple preview of EMW’s new synthesizer module.


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Well here’s a nice little Brazilian beast in action – Heaven of Knobs :-)

The DIGI-DRUM is a sample player module with 100 very carefully selected drum sounds. It includes the most famous and usable sounds from classic drum machines.

EMW – TRIGGER SEQUENCER Eurorack Module – Demo

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A short demo of EMW’s new 4-track Trigger Sequencer module. In this video it is triggering 3 of their DIGI-DRUM modules and one simple Hi-Q sound made with our VCF-101, ADSR and the ECHO-DELAY module.

EMW – Playing with the VCF-M101 self oscillation

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A simple demonstration of the new 24db/oct self oscillating VCF. No external effects or any other resource was used.

EMW Voltage Controlled Digital Noise – Eurorack module

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New EMW Eurorack module, the Voltage Controlled Digital Noise. Just reverb was added.
On this patch our Sequential Voltage and our Sample & Hold modules are controlling the VCF cutoff frequency. Later we used the second Sample & Hold output to modulate the Digital Noise frequency.

EMW WCS-1 Synthesizer

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Playing the EMW WCS-1 synthesizer module using a microKorg and a reverb from a Behringer mixing console.

EMW-200 – The Time Tunnel video opening

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Final version of this EMW-200 introductory video:

Opening for the EMW-200 Synthesizer videos. Computer Graphics by EMW – Soundtrack by Malte Steiner.

Drums Against The Machine

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Atomic Shadow has set up a self playing S/H patch on the EMW-200 and ran the result through the STG Sea Devil and Krisp1 ring mod. All of the raw sound is coming from the EMW-200, the Krisp1 mini LFO was controlling the filter. Part of the signal made it through the Strymon El Capistan echo pedal. The improvised drums were then performed live with the patch on the V-Drums. The film was then finished by Micky Dodds who also made the film for February-Moon Of Ice from the Twelve Full Moons album.

EMW-200 – The Time Tunnel video opening

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Opening for the EMW-200 demonstrations. Computer Graphics by EMW – Soundtrack by Malte Steiner.

Some of the things to explore on the EMW-200:

The Delay module on the EMW-200 uses a special design that emulates a vintage echo chamber, it is very usefull and has controls for the Delay Time, Repetition (regeneration) and Effect Mix.

The Switch module on the EMW-200 (as on the EML-200) is an analog switch circuit that works intercalating two audio signals. These singals enters the module thru the A (11) and B (14) inputs, which has a gain control associated with each one. The switching frequency can be controlled by the SW. FREQ. potentiometer and the time relation between the two signals can be controlled by the A/B ON TIME control.

There are two filters on the EMW-200 and they are of the exact same type found on the EML-200, one is a Highpass and the other is a Lowpass filter, both are 6db/oct. These filters give a very characteristic tone to the synthesizer sound, almost like an effect that dips things into a dark or misty athmosphere. They are not usual filters as we are used to see, they are simple and have unusual characteristics, but their simplicity turns out to be a powerfull feature and at some extend gives to this machine its sound personality.

The Wave Shaper on the EMW-200 is a module composed of 4 submodules, a sample & hold (SAMPLER), an oscillator with pulse width control, an A/D (Attack/Decay) generator and a Ring Modulator. Beyond that there is a switching system that selects 4 ways to feed the modulation input of the ring modulator module and a manual trigger for the attack/decay generator.
On our EMW-200 we made a simple upgrade adding a switch to configure the pulse input (20) to work as a pulse output from the internal oscillator or to allow the attack/decay generator and the sample & hold to be triggered by an external pulse.
On this module we also replaced the mechanical rotary switch with a digital controlled relay system.

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