NAMM 2016: More info on the Korg Volca FM 6 op Synth

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We talk to the designer about the latest Volca


Roland TR-808 vs Korg Volca Beats

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Background video description:

I noticed there was no TR-808 / Volca Beats comparison on YouTube, so I thought of posting one for today’s daily video. I know, I know… it’s sort of a silly endeavor and also a bit unfair to compare a mega-classic that these days goes for $3K to a super-cute little $150 box… but I think both machines are great and each has their own unique character! I have to say, I am impressed by the whole Volca line (I recently got all four models and will be posting videos of the others soon). The bass drum on the Volca Beats is amazing, by the way!

Korg Volca explorations – More power than you think

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In this video I use the synth line we created in Korg Volca Keys poly mode tutorial ( LINK BELOW ) . I’ll use this sequence in octave mode to show you how thick the Korg Volca Keys can be by itself and some added effects. Subscribe to me for more videos on the Korg Volca Keys , other gear and live videos . Thank you , have a great day !!!

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This Video will cover Poly mode sequencing on the Korg Volca Keys. The Korg Volca Keys has a very fun , on the fly style sequencer that really works great in poly mode . This video will show you how to unlock the full power of the Korg Volca Keys sequencer in Poly mode . No added effects are used in this video. Enjoy !!


KORG Volca Sample Tutorials

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This is the first of a series of Tutorials on Korg’s Volca Sample.

For more information, please visit…

Enjoy your Volca!

The video series covers:

  • Create patterns on the Korg Volca Sample:
  • Tweaking samples and granular synthesis on the Volca Sample;
  • Volca Sample pattern automation;
  • Song mode;
  • Volca Sample MIDI features; and
  • Loacing custom samples.

The Volca Sample has a street price of about $150. See the Korg site for more info on it.

KOMA Elektronik Komplex Sequencer – MIDI Jam

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In this video, we hook up the Roland TR8, Access Virus C and Korg Volca Bass for a downtempo electronic trip.

Sequencer A controls the Virus C, while Sequencer D controls the Volca Bass. The Komplex is slaved to the TR8’s MIDI clock. The skip step mode is used on the Volca Bass to vary the bassline. Meanwhile, ratcheting repeats are added to the Virus C’s pattern to create unique rhythms. The gate length and output range also change.

KORG volca sample OK GO edition – Basics of Sequencing and Parameters

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Chief engineer Tatsuya Takahashi walks you through a step by step of how to program a step sequence on the volca sample OK GO edition.

– Check out other tutorial!
Introducing volca sample OK GO edition – Part 2: Sample Edit…

– And OK GO’s introduction video!
volca sample OK GO edition – Get the volca sample and remix OK GO!…

– Get more details about this product!

Chief engineer Tatsuya Takahashi explains the basics of how the 11 parameters can manipulate the way samples sound on the volca sample OK GO edition.

KORG volca sample OK GO edition – Get the volca sample and remix OK GO!

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A powerful partnership between KORG and OK GO – a special edition of the volca sample.

Packed with 100 carefully selected audio samples from “Hungry Ghosts,” the latest album from OK GO, the limited edition OK GO volca is now here. You can freely edit their numerous iconic sounds, such as the vocal line from “I Won’t Let You Down” or the bass from “The Writing’s On the Wall,” and arrange them to create your own music. Use the content to create your own version Ok GO’s infectious tunes, mix and match content with your own samples create remixes, or create entirely original sample-based music using the simple, step-based recording layout of the volca sample.

OK GOの最新アルバム『Hungry Ghosts』のレコーディング素材から激選された、100個のオーディオ・サンプル­を詰め込んだ電子楽器です。『I Won’t Let You Down』のボーカルラインや、『The Writing’s On the Wall』のベースなど、彼らの数々のアイコニックなサウンドを自由自在にエディット­、アレンジして自分の音楽を作リ出すことができます。volca sample OK GO editionで、OK GOをリミックスしてみましょう!

More Details:…

KORG volca 16 keys / performed by Seth

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Seth are Tadahiko Sakamaki & Tatsuya Takahashi (KORG)

volca keys 16台を、開発者であるSethことコルグの坂巻匡彦と高橋達也が即興パフォーマンス­。

This video illustrates an improvisational performance by “Seth” featuring 16 Volca Keys synced together. “Seth” is the name of the musical collective which features Mr. Tadahiko Sakamaki (KORG Product Planner) and Mr. Tatsuya Takahashi (KORG Engineer).

本楽曲にボーカルとして元恵比寿マスカッツ・山口愛実さんを加えた「16Keys / Seth featuring Manami Yamaguchi」を収録!

– 電磁マシマCD2:…

– 山口愛実:

– volca keys:…

Volca Sample Uploading Custom Sounds using Single Cell Software’s Caustic Editor

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Using Ubuntu (with WINE) to upload samples to my Korg Volca Sample.
It is really easy!
You literally just open the samples in the editor, ad upload them to your Volca Sample.
I’ve included a demo of the pretty light show that happens.

These Samples were uploaded using Single Cell Software’s Caustic Editor

Live jam with Volca Bass, Volca Sample, Microbrute, Mopho & MFB 522

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Background video description:

Here’s another live jam with my baseline setup Korg Volca Bass, Korg Volca Sample and Arturia Microbrute. This time, they get accompanied by the MFB 522 drumcomputer and David Smith Instruments Mopho.
As with all my other jams, I only used the internal sequencers which are synchronized with the Master Midi clock from the Electribe ER-1. Some reverb and delay is added on most of the sounds (Alesis Quadraverb 2, Alesis Midiverb 3 and Lexicon MX200).

If you liked this one, you might want to check out my other Volca-Microbrute jams in this playlist:…

Thanks for watching and cheers!

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