Experimental: Bonus Table 571

May 15, 2013 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Bonus Table 571 is a collaborative experiment in joining science, design and music. This project is part of Reclaim NYC’s Collaboration show happening during NYCXDESIGN 2013.

Pure tones tuned to the natural resonant frequency of the wood result in vibrations, determined by the tabletop’s size shape and density. The vibrations reveal a geometric pattern inherent to the wood.

The resonant pattern is etched away by an enzyme cocktail tailored to the molecular structure of the wood. This process is similar to acid-etching a metal plate, such as in printmaking. The difference is that this is based on a live process; using enzymes derived from forest floor microbes.
This piece is auto-collaborative, in that its design elements are defined by interactions between its components and their inherent properties: The dimensions and density of the materials determine it’s resonant frequency which informs the pattern to be etched, and the makeup of the wood itself determines how deeply the enzymes etch into the wood.
Bonus Table 571 is a collaboration between Colleen & Eric Whiteley, Loe Hubbard scientist/bioengineer and Ben Cameron musician/sound designer.


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