“Fashion Pack” – and a synth expedition

August 20, 2013 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Background story:

In the beginning of July I saw this synthesizer in the second hand pages for the equivalent of 65US$. The seller lived in the other end of the country but I decided that if it was still for sale when my summer holiday began then I would go and buy it.

Three weeks later it was still for sale and I went on the long trip up north. So this time the video is a sort of very short road movie. The synth is broken but I expect to be able to get it playing again. It could be an interesting winter project.

The music is something I made back in my tape-days. “Fashion Pack” was a hit for German singer Amanda Lear and here I play it on Yamaha HE-8, Viscount RBX-850, and Technics SX-C600 organs, Roland JX-8P synthesizer, and Roland CR-1000 drum machine. It was recorded on my Fostex model 80 8-channel tape recorder.


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