Here’s a new 4-Oscillator softsynth – Carbon Electra

August 5, 2015 · Posted in Uncategorized 


Plugin Boutique has introduced Carbon Electra – a 4-Oscillator subtractive synthesizer featuring informative displays, editable step sequencer, vocal filter, integrated distortion and analog control.


  • Powerful synth engine that is easy to learn and use with no hidden menus.’
  • 4 analog-style sync-able oscillators with adjustable pulse width, frequency modulation and multiple wave types including pitch-able noise.
  • Informative physics based graphic displays with comprehensive info pane.
  • 6 filter types including powerful vocal filter with filter drive and saturation.
  • Simple, incredibly usable and useful FX section, like having a bunch of great guitar pedals.
  • Editable step sequencer that can be assigned to pitch, volume or cut off independently or simultaneously with various wave types and edit mode allowing node creation and line curves.
  • Over 600 factory presets covering sequences, chords, motions, bass, leads, keys, pads and effects.
  • Ability to run the amp section “too hot” into the built in optional limiter at the main output, creating a modern hyper-compressed sound.
  • Super flexible unison control ranging from subtle warmth to massive super saw or super square sound.
  • Multiple stereo width parameters allowing high precision control of the stereo field.

Carbon Electra is available now, for Mac & Windows, for US $99.


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