Kenza Farah – “Toi Et Moi” (Elektron Octatrack + Analog Four Remix)

June 5, 2015 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Background video description:

This is my remix of the very sentimental song “Toi Et Moi” written by my favorite French singer – Kenza Farah.

The remix was created using hardware synthesizer and sampler – Elektron Analog Four + Elektron Octatrack DPS-1. No software was used for remix creation, performance and recording. Yes, these Swedish Elektron machines can be used for creating the complete pop-music composition :)

This is a short description of how it’s been made. During the composition only 15 patterns are used. Octatrack & Analog Four are synced for pattern changes. Octatrack is in Arranger Mode (automatically switches patterns for me).


A. Elektron Octatrack (15 patterns, 6 scenes):

TR1: Kick + Clap / One Shot Samples, FX – Filter+Dark Verb
TR2: Hats
TR3: Sliced Loop (different slices&locks per step, linear slice locks function was used for cutting and rearranging the drum loop)
TR4: Pad (loop)
TR5: “Toi Et Moi” original track (Piano+Vocal only), stretched by Octatrack to 95 bpm.
TR6: FX slices from original track + Periodical Additional Melodic/Reversed Loops + Crash (Crash is programmed with one shot triggers, activated by Function+YES during performance)
TR7: Additional loop – Acoutic Drums & Breaks Loops
TR8: Master Track (FX1 – Filter, FX2 – compressor in parallel, mix 50/50)

B. Elektron Analog Four (15 patterns):

TR1: Pluck Lead
TR2: Arp/Pluck Lead
TR3: Bass
TR4: Lead
+ 3 performance mode settings (A: TR1+TR2 filter opening/closing, B: TR3 filter opening + decay time, C: TR4 – Filter Opening+Reverb Send Amount)

Original track is from Kenza Farah’s album Authentik.
Thank you, Kenza, for the inspiration and great song!
Lots of Respect from Moscow, Russia. 😉

Enjoy! 😉


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