Mutable Instruments CLOUDS // Elektron RYTM // When Drums Howl

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Background video information:

First touch with CLOUDS. Stunning what comes out of a simple drum pattern from ELEKTRON ANALOG RYTM processed by CLOUDS… Some modulations + filter…
& sorry there is a letter missing the credits: should be RME FIREFACE UC :-)

Kenza Farah – “Toi Et Moi” (Elektron Octatrack + Analog Four Remix)

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Background video description:

This is my remix of the very sentimental song “Toi Et Moi” written by my favorite French singer – Kenza Farah.

The remix was created using hardware synthesizer and sampler – Elektron Analog Four + Elektron Octatrack DPS-1. No software was used for remix creation, performance and recording. Yes, these Swedish Elektron machines can be used for creating the complete pop-music composition :)

This is a short description of how it’s been made. During the composition only 15 patterns are used. Octatrack & Analog Four are synced for pattern changes. Octatrack is in Arranger Mode (automatically switches patterns for me).


A. Elektron Octatrack (15 patterns, 6 scenes):

TR1: Kick + Clap / One Shot Samples, FX – Filter+Dark Verb
TR2: Hats
TR3: Sliced Loop (different slices&locks per step, linear slice locks function was used for cutting and rearranging the drum loop)
TR4: Pad (loop)
TR5: “Toi Et Moi” original track (Piano+Vocal only), stretched by Octatrack to 95 bpm.
TR6: FX slices from original track + Periodical Additional Melodic/Reversed Loops + Crash (Crash is programmed with one shot triggers, activated by Function+YES during performance)
TR7: Additional loop – Acoutic Drums & Breaks Loops
TR8: Master Track (FX1 – Filter, FX2 – compressor in parallel, mix 50/50)

B. Elektron Analog Four (15 patterns):

TR1: Pluck Lead
TR2: Arp/Pluck Lead
TR3: Bass
TR4: Lead
+ 3 performance mode settings (A: TR1+TR2 filter opening/closing, B: TR3 filter opening + decay time, C: TR4 – Filter Opening+Reverb Send Amount)

Original track is from Kenza Farah’s album Authentik.
Thank you, Kenza, for the inspiration and great song!
Lots of Respect from Moscow, Russia. 😉

Enjoy! 😉

Introducing Overbridge from Elektron – real gear in your DAW

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For the first time in history – completely uniting hardware and software. Real analog instruments inside your DAW. Go to to download Overbridge!

Official description:

This is your world

Discover a new way to explode the musical poten­tial of your software setup by bringing real analog instruments into play. Combine the practicality of your computer with the powerful sound design capabilities of your Elektron Analog instruments. Find out just how fun, playful and uncomplicated expanding your musical world can be.

Strengths combined

Design sounds on-screen using an intuitive and dedicated plug-in, or use the knobs and keys on your Analog instrument. Do both at the same time. Enjoy precise synchronisation and outstanding automation. Use the strengths of the Elektron sequencer, and your software sequencer, to get the best of both worlds.

Free the sound

Sounds designed through Overbridge can be accessed at any time by the Analog range of instruments, connected to a computer or not. Design a palette of sounds, unhook your instrument and bring it on stage or into a recording studio. Feel free to roam wherever the music takes you.

Superb convenience

The visual appeal and usability of the graphical interface makes analog circuitry more access­ible and fun to manage than ever. Further your understanding and skill by visually manipulating waveforms and filters—and hear the resulting sound instantly. Store all sounds, automation and effects simply by saving your DAW project.

  • CoreAudio / ASIO / WDM sound card functionality
  • Multi-tracking via single USB cable
  • Overbridge Control Panel
  • Analog Four / Keys plugins
  • VSTi plugin format
  • Parameter automation
  • Kit/Sound editing capabilities
  • Sequencing via DAW
  • Mac and Windows support

Legowelt Studio Sound pack for Analog Rytm

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Get the sample pack from
Listen more examples at…
Sample pack by

The Legowelt Studio Sound Pack contains a selection of samples, optimized for use on the Analog Rytm. The bundle also includes a custom Analog Rytm project featuring patterns, kits and live-friendly scene and performance macros.

All content has been created by Legowelt and Elektron.

The Sound Pack samples will of course also work on the Machinedrum UW and Octatrack, but the Project, Kits, Patterns and macros will only work on the Analog Rytm.

Arjen Schat | Sequential Session: Analog Four + Little Phatty

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Sequential Session with Elektron Analog Four and Moog Little Phatty.

Synchrotron Analog Keys / Four Sound pack

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Synchrotron Sound pack for Analog Keys / Four contains 128 patches made by Nicholas Lem.
Download this free pack from
More audio examples at:…

Nicholas Lem has created 128 sounds for the Analog Keys/Analog Four.

The Synchrotron Sound Pack consists of 100% royalty free sounds, ranging from ‘modularesque’ leads to ‘staticky drums’.

‘Like the massively ambitious plasma experiment that lends the pack its name,’ notes Elektron, ‘these sounds inspire further tweakage and experimentation of your own!

Storm 3003 – Crossfire [Elektron Analog Rytm + Analog Four]

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Live performance by Simone Ciacci a.k.a. “Storm 3003″
Select HD for a better experience!

Equipment for this video:

– Elektron Analog RYTM
– Elektron Analog FOUR

Check Out = “ORACLE”:

Elektron has released Junkyard Sound pack for Analog Rytm

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Get the sample pack from
Listen more examples at…
Sample pack by

When tools and gadgets finally retire, after a long and productive life of chore and utility, a few lucky ones may enjoy a second spell of virtue as musical instruments. The classic one-piece Estwing hammer, for instance, was originally designed to produce a pitch perfect tone when struck straight-on-the-nail. Handle worn off, face dented and shaft rusted, it would still serve its sonic purpose. A good sound can never die. What is trash to the eye may be a treat to the ear. Enjoy.

The Junkyard Sound Pack contains a selection of samples created by Loopmasters, optimized for use on the Analog Rytm. The bundle also includes a custom Analog Rytm project featuring patterns, kits and live-friendly scene and performance macros. The samples (but not the patterns, kits and macros) may also be used on the Octatrack and the Machinedrum UW.

Elektron Analog Four, Machinedrum, Boomstar 4075, Animoog

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Animoog is doing pad duty, sequenced by iPad / Genome MIDI.

Various inversions of Dm, Fadd6, FM7sus2, Gadd2, Fadd2

Boomstar is doing bass, CV controlled from the A4.

A4 = leads, Machinedrum = kick,snare,hat

Yaybahar meets Elektrons

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The acoustic instrument Yaybahar was recorded using two separate mics. During the session, the Elektron setup was monitored with headphones for best possible audio recording of the Yaybahar. The Octatrack sends MIDI clock and program change messages to Analog Rytm and Analog keys. It is also used as a mixer as Rytm and Keys outputs are fed into the Octatrack stereo inputs.

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