MacBeth: A 10 Minute Jam!

February 5, 2015 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Background video description:

Here’s a quick jam that I did yesterday featuring the MacBth Mk1 Modular Synthesizer that I built as well as the up and coming Elements Synthesizer…when you build this stuff for a living, one seldom get a chane to actually play the stuff to any worth while degree- I’m not the best at playing, but I had fun ‘making the noises’ that I’ve heard on my old records! I used an Ensoniq ASR-10 to sequence some of this stuff, and also to provide the Piano, Bass Guitar and Drums…the rest I play myself…using two 3 octave CV and Gate keyboards that I built. Using left keyboard that I play – you can here is that new Trans Diode Filter (Filter ‘D’)that built in the 5U format….there a single MacBeth Mk1 Oscillator ‘B’ going thru it…the right hand keyboard is driving two Mk1 Oscillator ‘A’ units thru the Transistor Ladder, Filter ‘A’……..and playing a lead sinewave- that’s coming from the Elements Synthesizer, quite haunting, quite spacey!……..I think this vid has it’s good moments, but also the not so good!….hope you enjoy my attempt at the old sound!


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