Minimoog Voyager XL Compilation & the Roland MC505 Groovebox – Andy Barrow

July 13, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

Taking a closer look at this classic synth :-)

The Minimoog Voyager XL – What can I tell you about this Synth? I could go on for hours, however, you may get drooled on, so I shall refrain from that. This Video is just a scratch on the surface of what this excellent Synth can do. It contains 3 pieces of Music, one of which is more ambient or experimental (I was just messing around with patch cables and Filters – so experimental is almost right). I cannot give you an unbiased opinion on this Analogue Monster for 2 reasons, One – Its mine and second its a Moog – I cannot begin to tell you how long I have wanted one of these. So before you complain about the price of this synth and its only Monophonic, I hear and understand all of that, the thought did cross my mind and I did even consider a Motif or a G7/8 – I already have a Korg Radias, so I don’t want another headache.

I prefer Analogue, pure and simple, I grew up with it, I fell in love with it and so therefore I have to have it – those are the rules. Yes I like all the other brands and yes they come with more features, but they are not a Moog, never will be, never can be. So a Minimoog Voyager XL sits in my humble studio, all the other synths are feeling unloved as I appear to be at this Synth every chance I get. It Just works, It just is, It is a Moog – Sorry I did promise not to drool.

So why 61 keys on a mono? Easy, I find it quite easy to run up and down the full length and I am not even a professional keyboard player – video proves that :-)

Mono over Poly? In the case of this synth – everytime,

Easy to play – kind of – still learning – Video Proves that also

Patch Cables and all the other bits and pieces – Once you learn where they can go, what they can do, its quite straight forward and if you have other equipment with CV ins and outs, you can create even more sounds – Invest in the Moogerfoogers, that will be the next cab off the rank for me.

So – In short just have a quick listen to some basic sounds and some crazy sounds and some melodic sounds, the Minimoog can do it all – if you already own a Moog, I will assume that I am already preaching to the converted.

Well Done Moog Music for this analogue Monster…What are you going to build next???

Please note All the images displayed in the Video are taken from the Moog Music Web Site and are being used to display this Awesome synth. If anyone from Moog Music has an issue with this, please contact me and I will ammend or delete the video.

All music performed and sequenced on the Roland MC 505. First real attempt at piecing a track together. Didn’t realize how easy that part was until now. Recorded direct into Wavelab 7 and processed the sound.


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