Moog Mother 32 – “Almost Berlin-School”

October 12, 2015 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Ok, this is a two part test by request… PART ONE: Raw sound, no effects, testing to see how well the second (top) Mother-32 tracks via CV when the first (bottom) Mother-32 is being played via MIDI keyboard (in this case, the KMI QuNexus with MIDI Expander.) PART TWO: “Almost Berlin-School” test with delay and reverb effects, first (bottom) Mother-32 sync’d via MIDI from Ableton Live and second (top) Mother-32 being played via MIDI from a Moog Sub 37, then sequencer sync’d via CV from the first Mother-32… these are definitely two little boxes with a big sound! I can’t wait for my 3-Tier rack to be delivered so I can add the third Mother-32 to this setup!

Additional Note: on part two of this video, I was trying to sync the second Mother-32 in a different way; previously I was syncing from GATE out of one M32 to RUN/STOP in (or to TEMPO in) to the second unit, but the problem with that is, if there is Ratcheting or Gate length changes on the first unit, then the second unit will pick those up. So in this video I used the ASSIGN CV as a sequence tempo out to the TEMPO in of the second unit… unfortunately it didn’t work quite like I had hoped, so I’ll need to experiment with this more.


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