Moogfest 2014 Circuit Bending Challenge

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Moogfest 2014 Circuit Bending Challenge went off in full blast at the Moog Store
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Here’s my Circuit Bent Hing Hon EK-001 squarewave keyboard, built into an upright style synth, which runs on four AA batteries (6V). Three months of semi-constant work for the Moog circuit bending challenge of 2014. I hope you enjoy. In this demo I try to run over some of the more pertinent mod combinations while keeping the demo time to a minimum. All sounds in this video are raw.

NOTE: At 19:20 Youtube may have removed the audio (a song by Squarepusher) – to see the [external audio input to video output] you can go here:… for another demonstration which youtube hasn’t forced me to remove…


0:35 – Distortion modulation on rhythm
2:00 – Engage drum glitch switches
2:57 – First use of pitch LFO
4:30 – All LFOs in use with keys
6:00 – Rhythm skip & key sustain
6:20 – Short demo of hex keyboard (and optic theremin)
8:30 – Rhythm skip/LED based optic theremin mod, then LFOs added
12:41 – Optic theremin for dist. modulation controlled by hand movements
13:30 – Vibrato touch contact
14:05 – Crude CV input (TR-626 playing rhythm, x0xb0x as CV source)
17:13 – Black and white visualization output demo (keyboard sounds)
18:20 – Audio input distorted (x0xb0x as audio source)
19:18 – B&W visualization output (from external audio input)
20:25 – Video input distortion
22:23 – Triforce get! (hex keyboard)

Detailed photo album of progress, build instructions, and schematics located here:

A full Bill of Materials spreadsheet is available here for download:

If you have any feedback or questions that aren’t answered by the schematics and other info in the photo album, just comment or send me a message here on youtube, or email me at – always happy to help!


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