New iPad app: Fugue Machine – Bach in a box

October 9, 2015 · Posted in Uncategorized 


Fugue Machine is a tool inspired by composition techniques used in classical music, from Baroque to Serialism and Minimalism.  The developer’s goal was to create a tool that lets you manipulate a melody’s speed, direction, and pitch, as well as play multiple variations of the melody simultaneously.

Fugue Machine implements this by reimagining one of the basic elements of music sequencers: the piano roll.

The Multi-Playhead Piano Roll

Alexandernaut calls Fugue machine ‘the world’s first multi-playhead piano roll’.

It lets you create a musical sequence and play it back with up to four playheads at once — with control over each playback head’s speed, direction, and pitch.

FUGUE MACHINE for iPad, the world’s first multi-playhead music sequencer.
Download it here:


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