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An instrumental part of the Dazzle Weekend at the Museum of Liverpool was the four Dazzle Films shown in the Theatre across the weekend.

Maharishi’s DPM:Bamdazzle pattern was inspired by the dazzle paint scheme used on Navy ships, primarily during WWI. It consisted of a complex pattern of geometricshapes in contrasting colours, interrupting and intersecting each other in order to confuse a german torpedo operator as to the direction that the ship was travelling, how far away it was and how fast it was moving – essential information for a direct hit.

Maharishi have created there own variant called DPM: Bamdazzle, a portmanteau referencing Dazzle and Bamboo. Our interpretation of dazzle is infused with bamboo to express a core DPM theme, that camouflage ultimately has it’s roots in nature where it was discovered by natural historians, developed by artists and only later was co-opted by the military

Our animation film ‘The Testing Theatre’ is about Dazzle painting and the direct relationship between camouflage and the Visual Arts. Camouflage was used (and systematically applied on a large scale) during the First World War. In addition there was the exceptional resemblance of the Dazzle designs with the work of the Vorticists. The Vorticists were the British avant-garde variant of Cubists and Futurists in the years immediately before the First World War.

First shown at the Dazzle Weekend at the Museum of Liverpool, November 2014.

We were initially asked to create something visual to accompany Dazzle Ships (Parts I, IV, V & VI) just in case of inclement weather and for those who may struggle to access the ship’s engine room.

Hambi created this powerful short film entirely from stills taken on the
Edmund Gardner.


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