Pantheon III Reason ReFill has been released

August 5, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Nucleus has released a new version of their magnificent refill Pantheon, this is an evolution of the version II that has been reviewed by us earlier (read the previous review here), here is what they have to say about the new version:

Nucleus SoundLab proudly releases Pantheon III, the next evolution in their series of ultimate Thor ReFills for Propellerhead Reason 5. Pantheon III expands on the concepts and standards set by the first two ReFills with the largest amount of unique Combinators yet. As always, the Pantheon III sound designers continue to reveal their patching secrets with refined and detailed PDF documentation.

Pantheon III is comprised of Combinator and Thor patches created by a dream-team of Reason sound designers.  Tom Pritchard, Adam Fielding, Kirke Godfrey, Joseph Mizelle, Clint Grierson Lewis Osborne and Shaun Wallace – Many of these designers have released a number of their own ReFills, both free and commercial.  Now all have come together, united by the incredible quality standards of Nucleus SoundLab’s Lead Designer Jeremy Janzen, to create the highest-quality Thor ReFill – ever.

Pantheon III is built from the ground up for both Reason 5 and Record.  This means that Kong effects are put to good use, as well as the new Combinator CV inputs.  As well, 36 patches have been specifically built for those who own both Record + Reason 5 – though they will also work great for Reason 6 owners.  These patches use the Line6 amps and Neptune pitch-shifter to take Thor to a completely new level!

Pantheon III is genre-agnostic – its not a pack of sounds specifically designed to create one sub-genre of electronic music.  Instead, the patches inside are applicable to many different styles such as ambient, IDM, trance, electro, dubstep, filmscore and downtempo.  Some sounds fall well outside these genre boundaries as well, and are suitable for exploring totally new sonic territory!  Inside you’ll find an incredible aural landscape of sounds – such as huge modular chords, ‘workstation’-esque pads, filmscore FX, dirty amped leads, and wavetable arpeggios of all stripes.


  • 260 fresh and unique Combinators
  • 36 Combinators built for Reason 5 + Record (or Reason 6)
  • 300 Thor patches.
  • 8 .rps demo songs.
  • All Combinator and most Thor rotaries/buttons uniquely mapped.
  • All Combinator and Thor patches categorized intelligently.
  • PDF Design documentation for each patch, detailing important aspects of its design, inspiration and performance.

Listen to what Pantheon III offers by downloading the videos and MP3 demos on the product page. In addition, a Demo ReFill (w/ 20 Combinators) is available for free download.


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