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Monday morning body music :-)


Tracklist CD1

01. Control
02. Mercy
03. Last Call
04. Chapter Five
05. Feel Me
06. Therapy
07. Push and Punish
08. Chapter Four
09. Electronic Bodies
10. Communication Breakdown
11. Chapter Six
12. Control (remixed by Ad:Key)
13. Push and Punish (remixed by Suicide Commando)
14. Electronic Bodies (darkroom Mix by Armageddon Dildos)
15. Last Call (remixed by Serpents)


CD 2 **

01. Push And Punish (remixed by Tyske Ludder)
02. Communication Breakdown (remixed by Mrdtc)
03. Chapter Four (Aggro Opera Remix by Tet)
04. Electronic Bodies (XIV-I-III Fmbd mix by Pankow)
05. Control (Retro Look Remix by Technoir)
06. Therapy (remixed by No More)
07. Last Call (remixed by Psyche)
08. Chapter Five (Remixed by Cyber)
09. Mercy (remixed by Vomito Negro)
10. Feel Me (Tetsuo Remix by Notstandskomitee)
11. Chapter Six (remixed by Psychic Force)


CD 3 ***

01. Control (12” Extended Mix)
02. Therapy (12” Extended Mix)
03. Electronic Bodies 12” Extended Mix)
04. Mercy (12” Extended Mix)
05. Chapter One (12” Extended Mix)
06. Chapter Two (12” Extended Mix)
07. Control (7” Mix)
08. Electronic Bodies (remixed by Armageddon Dildos)
09. Control (remixed by AD:Key)
10. Therapy (remixed by No More)
11. Mercy (remixed by Vomito Negro)


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