Playing with FunkBox, Little MIDI Machine, MonoTribe and Omega 2

July 23, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized 

FunkBox app on the iPad doing drum sounds and master clock duties. Little MIDI Machine (multi-tasking beta version) synced up on the same iPad and sequencing two hardware synth parts on the SE Omega 2 synth using CoreMIDI through the iO Dock. MonoTribe synth is synced up to the iPad using SyncKontrol app on an iPod Touch, and is sequencing itself.

Featured hardware – Omega 2:

General Specifications Voices: two. Multi-timbrality: two part. Parameters: patch, number of voices, midi channel, key range, fine tune (x8), output routing (x8), dynamics range (x8), dynamics fade (x8). Audio outputs: one stereo per voice. One main stereo and main mono output. Interface: 12 knobs (relative and jump modes), 1 rotary encoder, 30 tactile switches, 21 LEDS. Display: 16 x 2 back lit liquid crystal. Memory: 256 sound patches, 128 multi patches in RAM. Weight: 10 lbs. Dimensions: 2 rack spaces, 15 inches deep Power: 90 – 250 volts AC auto switching Voice Architecture Two voltage controlled discrete analog oscillators with sub oscillator. Waveforms: triangle, sawtooth and variable width square. All waveforms output simultaneously. Syncing of Osc 2 to Osc 1. Two voltage controlled discrete analog filters. 24db (classic Moog), 12 db (classic Oberheim). 12db filter has low pass, bandpass, high pass, and band reject modes. Each voice has the capabIlIty of having four different filters available for use. Additional filters (up to 2 per voice) can be added as desired in any number. Filters do not operate in series or parallel. Current additional filters avallable: Roland 303 and Arp 2600. Three low frequency oscillators. (LFO3 fixed to voice panning. ) Waveforms: triangle, sawtooth, reverse sawtooth, square, noise, random. Up to three destinations and depths each for LFOS 1 & 2 with range, delay, key trigger, phase, mode (mono or poly), quantize, and midi sync. Three multiple stage envelope generators. Attack, decay, sustain and release with inverting and multiple triggering. Envelopes 1 & 2 have additional delay, decay2, and breakpoint parameters. Envelope 1 fixed to filter frequency. Envelope 2 fixed to amplifier level. Envelope 3 is assignable with up to three destinations and depths.


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