Project: INIT – #01 Vocal Formant Lead with Tone 2 Electrax

April 26, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

This video shows how to program a lead patch with vocal formant characteristics with lots of movement.

Here’s what Mark has to say about it:

Project: INIT is a new video series I’m kicking off today. In the videos I will offer real-time behind-the-patch footage taking you on sound design missions from INIT using a variety of sonic weapons. By simply coming along for the ride you’ll learn more about synthesis and how to make unique sounds for your productions.

Exploration and Discovery

A variety of synthesizers will be used focusing mainly on synths that offer interactive visual feedback making it easier for you to connect with the concepts. Don’t worry if you don’t own the exact synth – watch anyway – as concepts & techniques are most likely transferable to most synths and if nothing else I hope to spark some ideas for you.

So, for up-and-coming synthesists and producers the videos will help you grok the world of synthesis in less time. For seasoned synthesists and producers these videos will serve as inspiration for new ideas and help you learn your way around the featured synths more quickly.


I’ve been programming synths for over 20 years (did I just say that out loud?). I’ve been dabbling with behind-the-scenes videos to share my knowledge for quite a while but have always wanted to do a bigger series like this. Inspired by my good friend AfroDJMac  (who I collaborated with on Live Packs  #38 and #40 ) I’m going to attempt a video per week – zoiks! I’ll be publishing the videos to this playlist on YouTube.


While the videos are free, donations are most welcome and will encourage me to push on. You should know that early studies indicate that people who find these videos helpful  and want more do donate to the cause to encourage work. Also, my wife would appreciate the boost to offset my synth addiction budget :^). I do like books and music so if you want to donate by giving me a copy of your art, contact me – although I do like money – quite a bit really. Did I mention my synth budget? You can also buy my albums.


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