Pyramid Sequencer Demo – LIVE MODE + FX MANAGER

May 23, 2015 · Posted in Uncategorized 

This video is an example of how to chain effects in the FX Manager, sequencing the DSI Mopho x4.

Each track can handle up to four chained up effects. As all effects are real-time processed, the recorded events will not be affected but the sound will change on the fly. In this video only one track is used, in LIVE mode exclusively (CHORD sub-mode). Its effect section contains two arpeggiators, one humanizer and one randomizer.

0:10 keypad used to play simple notes, an external keyboard controler could be used instead of the integrated pads
0:14 octave is set down to access lower notes
0:15 use of the smartpads in chord mode
0:21 tonality changed from Cmaj to Cmin and back to Cmaj

0:34 first arpeggiator added
0:38 octave set to -1
0:59 exit from the first arpeggiator with the following settings:

style = up/down
gate = 200%
rate = 1/1 (slow)
octave = -2

1:03 harmonizer added and set with +5 and -4 to create chords from the first arpeggiator outputed notes.

1:24 second arpeggiator added, playing around and finally setting a very high rate

2:54 second arpeggiator style set to “random”
3:05 second arpeggiator is bypassed

3:11 randomizer added, with param set to “velocity”

More information on :… “Effect Manager”… “Chord smartpads”


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