Reaktor User Library Harvest week 45

November 15, 2010 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Here’s a brief summary of what’s been uploaded to the Reaktor user library this past week.

Reaktor Harvest sounds bytes w45 by Stereoklang Produktion

WeAreGlass by Gabriel Mulzer

Remember filling up dads wine glasses with water? Now you can do that in Reaktor. Play with wine glasses I mean. WeAreGlass is a physical model instrument of rubbing a glass rim. It has 10 parameters controlling the physical model and 3 The GUI has a slight glass touch. There’s only one snapshot to get you started. Based on my brief playing session the sound possibilities is quite narrow to playing wine glasses but the it does it really well if somewhat difficult to find the right playing technic on a keyboard. I would love to try a touch pad.

Wave Bouncer by Kristian Thom

Here’s an ensemble showing the User Library at it ‘s best. Wave Bouncer is a remake of Kristian Thom’s Wave Scanner from 2002 combined with Chris List Newtonian Bouncer and the result is a synth with sonic capabilities not unlike Korg Wavestation. Although there’s a plenitude of parameters which might be a bit intimidating at first most are really just repeating the same for each of the eight steps in the wave sequence. A tape delay with reverb is also added. 20 snapshots give you a wonderful platform for explorations in the Boards of Canada territories!

Tape Buster by Stefan Knauthe

Tape Buster is a tape emulating effect made initially by Kristian Thom (see above) here adapted by Stefan into a dedicated effect. Credit also goes to S. Millward for other stages of the Tape Buster. The effect is divided into 3 stages, wow & flutter, aging machine and tube distortion each with some pretty self explanatory parameters. One snapshot provided.

Easy Creator by Eric Le Guenan

Easy Creator is a straight forward subtractive synth with 2 oscillators, lowpass filter and one envelope generator, chorus, delay and reverb. The GUI is pretty slick and some 40 snapshots are included.

Indecent Percusions by Paco Calostro

Indecent Percusion is a sample based drum machine with a 4/8/16/32 step sequencer. Some 80 percussion samples are included. Each sample instruments is controlled by 4 parameters. Each stereo channel has a dedicated eq. 12 snapshots included.

Life.V1.3 Ekuacion Mode v1.0 by Paco Calostro

Life.V1.3 Ekuacion Mode is a sample based drum machine controlled by a sequencer take from the Newscool ensemble from the factory library. Also a eq section is added.

Link to summary of previous week.


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