Reaktor User Library Harvest week 46

November 22, 2010 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Here’s a brief summary of what’s been uploaded to the Reaktor user library this past week.

Reaktor harvest week 46 – sound bytes by Stereoklang Produktion

Dynamic Pocket Knive by Mete Atam

Dynamic Pocket Knive is a sequenced Gate with Envelope and LFO Modulation. It’s described to have the following gater features; morphable trigger patterns, shuffle, tempo synced envelope shaping and LFO with variable Curves and a drawable LFO. Now this sounds pretty interesting but it turns out to be a bit difficult to get going as there is no overall instructions how is works, Just some very brief parameter descriptions. All though about 10 snapshots are included I didn’t really make much interesting with it trying for 10 minutes. So be prepared to investigate some learning time to make the most with this.

Massive Modular by Mete Atam

This is a sample based drum machine with the sequencer and the sampler split in separate instruments. This way you can mix and match between the sequencer played and what drum kit is used. Also a FX section is available. All this is mainly based on NI’s drum machine Massive split in two. There’s no samples included in the ensemble so you need to add your own. Although I made some efforts for 10 minutes I didn’t make much useful with this ensemble. Maybe I’m overlooking something obvious! It’s probably pretty cool if you get it to work… There also a midi GUI for Battery included. As I don’t have Battery I couldn’t test it.

UniPat Sequencer by Kim Bostroem

UniPat is a pattern based step sequencer with pitch, gate and 3 CC or NRPN lanes. Patterns can be shifted back and forth, raised and scaled up and down, copy and paste of patterns, additional controls include Tune, Gate duration, and Gate threshold so all in all quite a competent step sequencer!

optimus prime by Donald Phillips

This is an audio FX with 8 separate effects including hp filter, pitch shifter, gate, stutter, ring modulator, reverse, gain and bit crusher; all controlled by note triggers and 2 LFOs. It all reminds me of the classic VST FX Glitch!

RE pitch by Shane Higgins

This is just an update including adding another cross over at the end of the signal chain to remove overlap between pitch shifts. There is also a gate on each band as well as a pan per band. And a few more snapshots.
Re Pitch is multi band re-pitcher effect. Multi band means that you can treat different frequency bands with unique repitch settings. There are 4 bands so it adds up to quite a few controllers but most parameters have tool tips every this is quite straight forward to use the effect. The sounding result depends obvisously on the input but I generaly got a kind of low-fi grainy sound character.

mEC by Bernd Keil

mEC is Easy Creator by Eric Le Guenan but with 11 more snapshots and a bit more fired stereo output.

Also what seem to be a intro guide to Reaktor in Japanese is uploaded by Tomoaki Otaka.

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