Reaktor User Library Harvest week 48

December 9, 2010 · Posted in Uncategorized 

This week includes a little bit of everything; an EQ, a ping pong delay, two subtractive synths, a granular sample transformer and an enhanced drum machine.

Reaktor week 48 by Stereoklang Produktion

Massive Q by Miro Pajic

A 4 band parametric stereo equalizer (based on Slick EQ reviewed last week) with individual control for the left and right channels and a gentle high pass filter. This EQ boosts and cuts 10dB on each band. Each stereo channel must be set individually. The output gain knob has also a saturator which adds a third order harmonic. No snapshots included.

Ping Pong by Karl Friederich Meis

Ping Pong is a pretty much straight forward two channel delay FX. The delay time for each of the channels are set with one knob named “ratio”. There’s no instruction so I’m not sure exactly how it works but it makes the delay time differ for each channel. Also the knobs Width and Stereo is not crystal clear, but the title gives you a hint 😉 The feedback has a low pass and high pass filter. Seven snapshots gives you a quick start.

Weird Boehmy neon by Bernd Keil

This is a modification of Karl F. Meis Boehmy drum machine listed last week. Bernd has made a number of small changes including making the beat buttons in neon for increased readability and looks! He’s also added about 100 snapshots.

MikroSynth by Michael Marsh

MicroSynth has two oscillators with an additional sync oscillator. All three oscillators can be mixed into a 4 pole filter with a dedicated LFO and an ADSR envelope. A simple arpeggiator is built in and a stereo panner with selectable waveforms. No instructions or explanations are available but it’s pretty much straight forward to use. 13 snapshots are included.

Asymmetry by John Bleech

Asymmetry is two oscillator synthesizer with a 4 pole lowpass filter. Well, that sounds pretty much standard but if most synths only have puls wave modulation and leave the saw and triangle static, Asymmetry can modulate those waveform to. Both oscillators has a dedicated LFO for waveform modulation. Also a nice reverb is added. Tool tip explanations are available. Nine snapshots are included.

Grain cloud delay user engine by Baz .fr

This is a stereo grain cloud sample player but it’s not using the grain cloud delay provided by NI, it build from the ground up by Baz. Each stereo channel has it’s own set of parameters and can/much load it’s own sample into an audio table. Baz explains that there’s something wrong with the pitch shift value but I had no problem making the cloud to rain… There’s no tool tips so unless your familiar with grain clouds it’s a bit of hit and miss, but there only a hand full of parameters so you’ll work it out pretty soon. Five snapshots provided.

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