Röyksopp – Monument Synth Cover

October 1, 2015 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Background video information:

My hardware synth adaptation from Röyksopps Awesome track, Monument (T.I.E Version).

I’ve made one version earlier that you can hear on my soundcloud :

But this time I wanted to do new video version using just hardware synths and use computer only for recording.

Synths used:
Bassline : Roland SH-101
Chords : Roland SH-01 Gaia (Sequenced by Boss DR-202)
PWM backing synth : SH-101
Pads : Jupiter Clone
Choir vocals in break : Roland SH-01 Gaia
Bright DX-style synths : Yamaha TX81z
Solo Synth at the end : Jupiter Clone
Drums : Roland TR-707 and Roland TR-606 (Hihats)
Reverb and delays : Lexicon MPX100


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