Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 – Full Review

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Here’s a nice review of the OP-1:

Firstly, you’ll be surprised at how well built this is – CNC machined case (think unibody) massively over specified buttons and four, rotary encoders (industrial grade avionics quality) and a gorgeous AMOLED 360×120 LCD display.

The 24-key keyboard is just switches (think well built nanoKey) and does not transmit velocity, but the synth will respond to it via MIDI over USB. A tiny but surprisingly loud built-in speaker as well as stereo output, built in mic and line in complete the connections. The unit is battery powered, with up 16hrs from this non user removable Li-ion cell. Charging is handled via USB.

What Is It?
So the Teenage Engineering OP-1 (Operator 1) is a synth  wirth up to 6 voices, with eight synthesis engines which can played one at a time – its monotimbral.
Synth Engines:

Cluster – Multi layered oscillator cluster
Digital – True digital synthesis
String – Waveguide String Model
Pulse – Dual Pulsetrain Oscillator
FM – Four operator FM synthesis
Phase – Phase Distortion
Dr Wave – Frequency Domain Synthesis
Synthesizer Sampler Engine – Teenage Sample Player

Each engine has a single VCA envelope ADSR, single effect and an LFO for routing and modulation – sources include – LFO, FM radio – yes there is one built in, and G sensor – that’s gravity – shake it and modulate baby.

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