Tutorial – Base Editing on the Kurzweil K2000

October 9, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized 

“This is a basic Kurzweil K2000 VP virtual analog tutorial. The algorithm I chose generates sawtooth waveforms and doesn’t use any samples. Throughout the tutorial I explain every page function and parameter I work with. The K2000 is loaded with options. This tutorial simply skims the surface of it’s possibilities using it’s vast architecture.”

The K2000 uses V.A.S.T. (Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology) which allows you to take any multi-sample, noise or waveform and process it using just about any synthesis technique. The source of these multi-samples are from the 8MB of ROM which hold tons of authentic and superb quality samples. The internal processing is 32-bit with 18-bit DACs. The K2000 uses 31 sound-shaping algorithms to provide a variety of resonant filters, EQs, continuous panning, amplitude modulation, crossfade, distortion, digital wrap, waveshaper, pulse width modulation, high frequency enhancement, low frequency oscillators, hard sync oscillators and mixing oscillators, all with real-time MIDI control.

It has an elegant and organized layout and very high quality pitch and mod wheels! Not to mention a 61-note velocity & aftertouch sensitive keyboard with a quality feel and response to playing. The K2000s adds a quality sampler with standard 2MB RAM that can be expanded to 64MB. Sample in stereo or mono, via analog or digital inputs and you have all the sample edit functions you’ll need to create some of your own sounds. Use the built-in 3.5″ disk drive or connect an external drive to the SCSI port for limitless sample storage.

Other professional features include stereo multi-effects capable of four simultaneous effects including reverb, chorus, delay, multi-tap delay, flange, rotary simulation and more. Up to six polyphonic audio outputs. There’s also the 32-Track sequencer, fully editable, with features like 768 ppq resolution and nondestructive track editing and groove quantizing.



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