Vintage style improvisation featuring the EMW-200

July 25, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

An improvisation featuring the EMW-200 from Electronic Music Works. No external effects or processing was used. The main patch contains three sub-patches. The first is the S/H module controlling VCO2 and then fed to the delay module. The second has the triangle wave on the master oscillator and VCO 1 ring modulating in the wave shaper section. And finally the noise output is being low pass filtered and then being ring modulated by the dedicated LFO (which is also modulating the pitch of VCO 1). Each sub-patch is routed to the left and right channels of the six channel mixer.

“I am struck by the warm and organic tones that can be generated by this instrument, as well as the sometimes unexpected sounds that can result from very small changes in the controls. In an upcoming video I will be pairing the EMW-200 with some external effects.”

The EML-200 was designed primarily for electronic music courses at Universities. It had no keyboard and leaned in a more abstract direction from the start. The EMW-200 also has no keyboard and will not do 1 volt per octave. The only controls are knobs and one button that can trigger a simple envelope. Where the new version differs from the original is in size. The original was quite large, close to the size of an Arp 2600. The EMW-200 is 16 inches wide, a little over 8 inches tall and 6 inches deep. Nice and compact. The other two places where it differs is a delay unit where the original had a spring reverb, and an a dedicated LFO where once there was a microphone amp. It uses 3.5mm patch cables so if you own Euro Rack gear this will assimilate easily. With the right adaptors it was more than happy to take some modulation from various DotCom modules. This is an analog synth. It is sturdy, steel cased and the knobs do not wobble at all. Nice.


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