WebSID – Commodore 64 synthesizer running inside Chrome browser

November 1, 2014 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Demonstration of WebSID version 2.0 running in Google Chrome. WebSID is a official Chrome Experiment showcasing the WebAudio API and experimental WebMIDI API. Using these technologies, WebSID synthesizes audio live inside your browser, in other words : no samples were used.

As the name implies, this application aims to recreate the wonderfully phat lo-fi synthesis sounds of the Commodore 64.

Those with compatible MIDI hardware, can actually play WebSID using a MIDI keyboard (see the help section).

WebSID runs on desktop, tablets and phones running Google Chrome (or Safari). WebSID is also available for free as a Chrome app.

Play it in your browser here :


Or get it as a Chrome app here :



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