SidTracker 64 chiptune synth featuring True Survivor – Kung Fury – 8 bit Remix

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Chiptune Remix by Fredrik Segerfalk on SidTracker 64 for iPad

3 voices of chip bliss, and a slight reverb added. Nothing else.…

Graphics by Vanja Utne:
Video and extra GFX by Moppe
SidTracker programming by Daniel Larsson
SidTracker 64 for iPad

Want to make some soulful Bleeps?
Wether you just want some creative juice for your productions, or produce entire chiptunes , we have created the perfect chiptune platform for you.The SidTracker 64.

Original song:…
David Hasselhoff – True Survivor – Jörgen Elofsson & Mitch Murder(P) 2015 Universal Music AB. © 2015 Universal Music AB.

CBM Theme – Commodore 64 Sales Music (Bach Invention 13 in A minor) – Played on a Minimoog Model D

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WebSID – Commodore 64 synthesizer running inside Chrome browser

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Demonstration of WebSID version 2.0 running in Google Chrome. WebSID is a official Chrome Experiment showcasing the WebAudio API and experimental WebMIDI API. Using these technologies, WebSID synthesizes audio live inside your browser, in other words : no samples were used.

As the name implies, this application aims to recreate the wonderfully phat lo-fi synthesis sounds of the Commodore 64.

Those with compatible MIDI hardware, can actually play WebSID using a MIDI keyboard (see the help section).

WebSID runs on desktop, tablets and phones running Google Chrome (or Safari). WebSID is also available for free as a Chrome app.

Play it in your browser here :

Or get it as a Chrome app here :…

Chipshop – free sample pack featuring 844 C64, Atari and Nintendo samples

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Midi Error has announced Chipshop, a free sample pack featuring 844 samples.

A free sample pack crammed with over 800 individual samples and 70+ Loops. All recorded direct from C64, AtariSt and Nintendo Gameboy.

We are the music makers.

Chipshop features

  • Gameboy (Nanoloop, LSDJ): 91 bass, synth, lead, perc and sfx hits and 117 sampeld drum hits.
  • SID (Cynthcart, Retroskoi): 61 bass, lead and sfx hits.
  • YM2149 (Various): 36 bass hits, 48 custom fx, 124 drum hits, 145 multi-samples (5 instruments over 5 octaves), 29 white noise hits, 29 sampled hits, 110 sfx hits, 54 synth hits.
  • 70 loops: 22 full loops and 48 drum/synth loops.
  • 844 samples in total.

The pack is a free download at Midi Error’s SoundCloud page.

C64 In 64 Seconds

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MIDIbox MB6582 in 64 Seconds. Basic PWM patch setup, with two oscillators and drum part.

c64 games sid music compilation

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Background video information:

I compiled this music for a CD about a year ago so I could blast my friends with it during our summer gathering at my friends lakeside cabin. I now decided to share it. Most of this music has already been uploaded to YT in separate videos by various users. This compilation mostly focuses on later era c64 game music and doesn’t try to be my favorite song list. It’s a collection of few tunes I was listening at the time.

I thought it would be fun not to write down where the music was taken from so everyone has a chance to guess. If people seem interested I’ll add the name of composer and the track at the bottom of this description after each correct guess. For now I’ll just leave the track names blank. I was planning to give a thumb up for each correct guess, but it looks like that can’t be done in YT.

All tracks were recorded from Sidplay and not from a real c64.

00:00 [Track 01] Jeroen Tel (MoN) – Golden Axe (original Main Theme by Tohru Nakabayashi) (1990 Virgin Games)
02:33 [Track 02] Søren Lund – Turrican 3 (Stage 1.2) (2004 Smash Designs)
04:22 [Track 03] Reyn Ouwehand & Anthony Lees – Last Ninja Remix (subtune 3) (System 3) (original Central Park ingame by Matt Gray)
07:22 [Track 04] Søren Lund – Turrican 3 (Stage 2.2) (original Turrican 3 [Amiga] Intro by Chris Huelsbeck) (2004 Smash Designs)
10:20 [Track 05] Jonathan Dunn – Typhoon (Title) (1988 Imagine / Konami)
12:14 [Track 06] Keith Tinman – Midnight Resistance (original Title by Data East House Team) (1990 Ocean / Data East)
14:16 [Track 07] Keith Tinman – Midnight Resistance (original Boss by Data East House Team) (1990 Ocean / Data East)
15:17 [Track 08] Keith Tinman – Midnight Resistance (original Stage 1 by Data East House Team) (1990 Ocean / Data East)
17:10 [Track 09] Fredrik Segerfalk (Moppe) – Blood Money (Title) (1990 Psygnosis)
21:48 [Track 10] Anthony Lees – Dream Warrior (1988 US Gold)
24:22 [Track 11] Tim Follin – Bionic Commando (original Stage 1 by Harumi Fujita) (1988 Go! / Capcom)
26:09 [Track 12] Jonathan Dunn – Arkanoid (2): Revenge of Doh (1988 Imagine / Taito)
28:10 [Track 13] Steve Turner – Uridium (1986 Hewson)
28:47 [Track 14] Neil Brennan – Samurai Warrior (Non-Combat) (1988 Firebird)
30:45 [Track 15] Jason C. Brooke – Tiger Road (original Stage 1 by Capcom House Team) (1988 Go! / Capcom)
31:46 [Track 16] Dave Lowe (Uncle Art) – Street Fighter 2 (c64 Title & Ingame / original by Capcom House Band) (1992 US Gold / Capcom)
32:23 [Track 17] Rob Hubbard – Spellbound (1986 MAD Mastertronic)
37:16 [Track 18] Rob Hubbard – Sanxion (Loader) (1986 Thalamus)
41:59 [Track 19] Jason C. Brooke – Outrun (original “Magical Sound Shower” by Hiroshi Miyauchi) (1988 US Gold / Sega)
44:06 [Track 20] Jason C. Brooke – Outrun (original “Splash Wave” by Hiroshi Miyauchi) (1988 US Gold / Sega)
46:05 [Track 21] Dave Lowe (Uncle Art) – Power Drift (original “Side Street” by Hiroshi Miyauchi) (1990 Activision / Sega)
49:10 [Track 22] Matt Gray – Last Ninja 2 (The Office loader) (1988 System 3)
52:13 [Track 23] Ramiro Vaca – Turrican (End Theme) (1991 Rainbow Arts)
56:14 [Track 24] Tammo Hinrichs – Turrican 3 (Title) (original [Amiga] Turrican 3 Stage 1.1 by Chris Huelsbeck) (2004 Smash Designs)

EDIT: Tracks from these games were hardest to guess: Blood Money, Dream Warrior, Arkanoid 2, Tiger Road, Spellbound, Turrican

Firequest – Main Theme – Commodore 64c SID Chip in HD

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This is the music from the game Firequest.

Played on an original Commodore 64 with 8580 SID Chip (R5-3888).

Robocop – DCS Crack Theme (1989) – Commodore 64 SID Chip in HD

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This is the music from the 1989 Robocop Ocean crack by DCS.

Played on an original Commodore 64 with 6581 SID Chip (R2-4883).

Swinth Commodore 64 compilation in HD – C64 SID chip

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Played on a REAL Commodore 64 with the 6581 SID chip.

— “I did not compose this and can’t find out who did it. Sorry!”

– Theme from Stationnary Ark
– Saturdays in Silesia
– Excerpt from Vangelis’s “Spiral”
– Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells”
– Theme song from Magic Shadows
– ???
– Oxygene II
– Pachelbel’s Canon in D minor
– ???

From the program “Swinth”.

Chip64 Rack Extension has been released

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Chip64 brings the sound chips from vintage computers and video game consoles to the Reason rack.

Music by Tune Cooks.

Ochen K has released Chip64, described as a new synth Rack Extension that’s an emulation of audio chips from vintage computer and video game consoles. 

A spokesperson told us, “Chip64 brings the sound chips from vintage computers and video game consoles to the Reason rack. Chip64 includes mathematical modeling of 5 chips: the TIA used in the Atari 2600, the SID chip used in the Commodore 64, the TA0x series used in the NES and Gameboy, the Vic-I used in the Vic 20, and the SN76489 chip used in the ColecoVision and Sega consoles. With an on-board sequencer, as well as a multi-mode filter, LFO, modulation envelope, and more, Chip64 brings true chip emulation to your rack.”

Pricing and Availability:
Available at the Propellerhead shop.

More information:


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