c64 games sid music compilation

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Background video information:

I compiled this music for a CD about a year ago so I could blast my friends with it during our summer gathering at my friends lakeside cabin. I now decided to share it. Most of this music has already been uploaded to YT in separate videos by various users. This compilation mostly focuses on later era c64 game music and doesn’t try to be my favorite song list. It’s a collection of few tunes I was listening at the time.

I thought it would be fun not to write down where the music was taken from so everyone has a chance to guess. If people seem interested I’ll add the name of composer and the track at the bottom of this description after each correct guess. For now I’ll just leave the track names blank. I was planning to give a thumb up for each correct guess, but it looks like that can’t be done in YT.

All tracks were recorded from Sidplay and not from a real c64.

00:00 [Track 01] Jeroen Tel (MoN) – Golden Axe (original Main Theme by Tohru Nakabayashi) (1990 Virgin Games)
02:33 [Track 02] Søren Lund – Turrican 3 (Stage 1.2) (2004 Smash Designs)
04:22 [Track 03] Reyn Ouwehand & Anthony Lees – Last Ninja Remix (subtune 3) (System 3) (original Central Park ingame by Matt Gray)
07:22 [Track 04] Søren Lund – Turrican 3 (Stage 2.2) (original Turrican 3 [Amiga] Intro by Chris Huelsbeck) (2004 Smash Designs)
10:20 [Track 05] Jonathan Dunn – Typhoon (Title) (1988 Imagine / Konami)
12:14 [Track 06] Keith Tinman – Midnight Resistance (original Title by Data East House Team) (1990 Ocean / Data East)
14:16 [Track 07] Keith Tinman – Midnight Resistance (original Boss by Data East House Team) (1990 Ocean / Data East)
15:17 [Track 08] Keith Tinman – Midnight Resistance (original Stage 1 by Data East House Team) (1990 Ocean / Data East)
17:10 [Track 09] Fredrik Segerfalk (Moppe) – Blood Money (Title) (1990 Psygnosis)
21:48 [Track 10] Anthony Lees – Dream Warrior (1988 US Gold)
24:22 [Track 11] Tim Follin – Bionic Commando (original Stage 1 by Harumi Fujita) (1988 Go! / Capcom)
26:09 [Track 12] Jonathan Dunn – Arkanoid (2): Revenge of Doh (1988 Imagine / Taito)
28:10 [Track 13] Steve Turner – Uridium (1986 Hewson)
28:47 [Track 14] Neil Brennan – Samurai Warrior (Non-Combat) (1988 Firebird)
30:45 [Track 15] Jason C. Brooke – Tiger Road (original Stage 1 by Capcom House Team) (1988 Go! / Capcom)
31:46 [Track 16] Dave Lowe (Uncle Art) – Street Fighter 2 (c64 Title & Ingame / original by Capcom House Band) (1992 US Gold / Capcom)
32:23 [Track 17] Rob Hubbard – Spellbound (1986 MAD Mastertronic)
37:16 [Track 18] Rob Hubbard – Sanxion (Loader) (1986 Thalamus)
41:59 [Track 19] Jason C. Brooke – Outrun (original “Magical Sound Shower” by Hiroshi Miyauchi) (1988 US Gold / Sega)
44:06 [Track 20] Jason C. Brooke – Outrun (original “Splash Wave” by Hiroshi Miyauchi) (1988 US Gold / Sega)
46:05 [Track 21] Dave Lowe (Uncle Art) – Power Drift (original “Side Street” by Hiroshi Miyauchi) (1990 Activision / Sega)
49:10 [Track 22] Matt Gray – Last Ninja 2 (The Office loader) (1988 System 3)
52:13 [Track 23] Ramiro Vaca – Turrican (End Theme) (1991 Rainbow Arts)
56:14 [Track 24] Tammo Hinrichs – Turrican 3 (Title) (original [Amiga] Turrican 3 Stage 1.1 by Chris Huelsbeck) (2004 Smash Designs)

EDIT: Tracks from these games were hardest to guess: Blood Money, Dream Warrior, Arkanoid 2, Tiger Road, Spellbound, Turrican

Firequest – Main Theme – Commodore 64c SID Chip in HD

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This is the music from the game Firequest.

Played on an original Commodore 64 with 8580 SID Chip (R5-3888).

Robocop – DCS Crack Theme (1989) – Commodore 64 SID Chip in HD

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This is the music from the 1989 Robocop Ocean crack by DCS.

Played on an original Commodore 64 with 6581 SID Chip (R2-4883).

Swinth Commodore 64 compilation in HD – C64 SID chip

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Played on a REAL Commodore 64 with the 6581 SID chip.

— “I did not compose this and can’t find out who did it. Sorry!”

– Theme from Stationnary Ark
– Saturdays in Silesia
– Excerpt from Vangelis’s “Spiral”
– Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells”
– Theme song from Magic Shadows
– ???
– Oxygene II
– Pachelbel’s Canon in D minor
– ???

From the program “Swinth”.

Chip64 Rack Extension has been released

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Chip64 brings the sound chips from vintage computers and video game consoles to the Reason rack.

Music by Tune Cooks.

Ochen K has released Chip64, described as a new synth Rack Extension that’s an emulation of audio chips from vintage computer and video game consoles. 

A spokesperson told us, “Chip64 brings the sound chips from vintage computers and video game consoles to the Reason rack. Chip64 includes mathematical modeling of 5 chips: the TIA used in the Atari 2600, the SID chip used in the Commodore 64, the TA0x series used in the NES and Gameboy, the Vic-I used in the Vic 20, and the SN76489 chip used in the ColecoVision and Sega consoles. With an on-board sequencer, as well as a multi-mode filter, LFO, modulation envelope, and more, Chip64 brings true chip emulation to your rack.”

Pricing and Availability:
Available at the Propellerhead shop.

More information:


Preview of Chip64 Rack Extension

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Chip64 is a new synth Rack Extension for Reason. Chip64 emulates audio chip synthesis from early video game systems. This is a preview video. If you’d like to beta test, send an email to reinfo@ochenk.com with your Propellerhead ID.

WebSID – web-based Commodore 64 synth

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A demonstration of the WebSID, a synthesizer that runs inside your browser (Google Chrome or Safari 6+ required, though most mobile devices such as iPads are ready to go) that pays homage to the retro sounds of the SID chip, a.k.a. the audio module of the Commodore 64. The trademark pulse width modulated waves provide a testament to deep, heavy bass lines while playing chords on the top keyboard will result in the trademark arpeggiated lines so typically associated with old school video games. For further sound sculpting, a high res filter and echo have been added to turn the WebSID into a chaotic drone machine.

NOTE : the audio glitches in the video, but is a side effect of the screencast, no such glitches are present in the actual application.

You can play with the WebSID directly by following this link :

or get it as a (free) Chrome Web App so you can run it offline:

Commodore 64 Stereo Synthesizer demo

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All sounds come from the Commodore 64 Stereo Synthesizer, containing two 6581-SID chips. External EQ, delay and reverb added. Built by Björn Engstrand and Robert Engstrand.
Build your own one here:

Free download: basic 65 – inspired by the Commodore 64 and its legendary SID chip

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de la Mancha is continuing to put synths that were previously available for purchase online as free downloads. The latest is a monophonic synth, basic 65, inspired by the classic 80s home computer, the Commodore 64 and its legendary SID chip. Building on the waveforms and signal path of this famous chip, basic 65 adds further features and options to take things a step further. Here’s more details:

The double arpeggiator allows complex versions of that retro 8-bit game sound and the modulation options inspire experimentation via the mod envelope and 2 comprehensive LFOs. Pulse width modulation, ring modulation and oscillator detune/sync are key ingredients in the signature sound. Throw in some pitch drift, bit drift, a sprinkle of dirt and randomisation and you have a wide range of lofi, chiptune, retro-tastic sounds at your disposal.

This version is the update to the popular basic 64, redesigned from scratch, with many improvements, new features and all new presets. basic 65 was co-developed with sink, who also made the amazing presets.


  • Monophonic synth in VST format for Windows based hosts
  • 3 oscillators with pulse, saw, triangle and noise waveforms
  • Pulse width can be modulated by envelope or both LFOs
  • Each oscillator can be sync’d to another and/or ring modulated by another
  • Each oscillator has its own ADSR envelope and can be routed to filter individually
  • Resonant filter with low pass, high pass, band pass and notch modes
  • 2 tempo-sync Arpeggiators in series for complex arp sounds
  • Arp tempo, range and note length can be adjusted
  • Modulation envelope can control pulse width and pitch of individual oscillators as well as filter and dirt
  • 2 tempo-sync LFOs with wide range of waveforms, including random
  • Both LFOs can control pulse width and pitch of individual oscillators
  • One LFO also controls filter and dirt, the other can modulate the depth and speed of the first LFO
  • Envelopes are non-linear and can be retriggered from zero or smoothed on each new note
  • Pitch drift models instability with variable depth and frequency
  • Options for 4, 6, 8, 12 or 16 bit audio with randomising feature
  • Developed with SE 1.1, so no problems with multiple instances
  • 128 presets by sink covering arps, leads, bass, drums and lofi sounds

Pricing and Availability:

basic65 VSTi for Windows used to be a payware plugin, but is now free to download. However, if you like and use any de la Mancha plugins, please consider donating to Cancer Research UK in order to help care for and find a cure for cancer sufferers.

More info here >>

Celebrate Christmas in Commodore 64 style :-)

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Sing Along With Your Favorite Christmas Carols

Here’s a great way for you and your family to have fun with your Commodore 64™ or Commodore 128™ this Christmas. Our exciting Christmas Carols disk features 18 of your favorite holiday songs, with professionally-arranged music and entertaining graphics. For sing along fun, the lyrics appear in easy-to-read verse on your TV or monitor. Play just your favorite song or set your computer to play them all.

• Angels We Have Heard on High
• Deck the Hall
• O Come All Ye Faithful
• Away in a Manger
• The First Noel
• God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen
• Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
• O Holy Night
• It Came Upon The Midnight Clear
• Jingle Bells
• O Little Town of Bethlehem
• We Three Kings of Orient Are
• Jolly Old St. Nicholas
• Joy to the World
• O Christmas Tree
• Silent Night
• What Child is This?
• Up on the Housetop”

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