Looking into the Arcano MIDI NES Chiptune Synth

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This is demo music created with the Arcano MIDI NES Chiptune Synthesizer. The device is an ATmega328-microcontroller-based MIDI synth designed to emulate the classic chiptune sound of the Nintendo Entertainment System’s APU (audio processing unit.) If you are interested in the synth, please refer to the Kickstarter campaign page. The Kickstarter campaign rewards include both a fully assembled and tested version and a kit version for those who prefer to build it themselves. I created the music track myself, and I am not very musically talented. I’m interested to hear the music that more talented musicians will create with this synth, which is why I’m sharing the device through Kickstarter.

Let’s Play with SidTracker64

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SidTracker64 is a new chiptune studio, complete with classic synth elements from the Commodore 64’s SID sound chip

Chiptunes – new app for iOS

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Chiptunes lets you make retro music the way it should be made – with chips! Build your circuit to lay down drum beats, basslines, and tunes.

Chiptunes Pro has all the features that can be unlocked in Chiptunes and will include all future updates.

Get it here >>

The Reality Chipmusic Love Industry by Br1ght Pr1mate

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The Reality Chipmusic Love Industry is six songs about Hope, Death, Sci-Fi, Businessmen, Cooking and Reality Television. It was written by Lydia Marsala and James Therrien aka BR1GHT PR1MATE, and recorded by Carl Peczynski at OxygenStar Power studios. It was produced by James Therrien, with additional vocal production assistance by Carl Peczynski, and mastered by Sean Sinclair.

Sounds like Yazoo on Gameboy if you ask me! :-)

Blip Festival here again

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The fifth Blip Festival will take place May 19-21, 2011 at Eyebeam.

The lineup of featured artists is:

* A.M.U
* Anamanaguchi
* Bit Shifter
* Chipzel
* cTrix
* exileFaker
* Henry Homesweet
* M7Kenji
* Noisewaves
* Nullsleep
* Party Time! Hexcellent!
* Peter Swimm
* Stagediver
* Talk To Animals
* Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families
* Tristan Perich
* Ultrasyd
* visualicious
* Wet Mango
* Zen Albatross
* Plus More TBA

node – d3ad_form4t out on cartridge

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more information including digital downloads, source code, and information about _node may be found here.

album comes with sleeve, booklet, and sticker. all cartridges are tested and working.

_node is giving proceeds from the album to the electronic frontier foundation.

this is a music album on NES cartridge format by _node.

Introducing VidByter

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New MIDIo firmware from VBLANK!

Prototype test video of my new MIDIo Visual board firmware: “VidByter”

This is a new swappable firmware for my DIY MIDIo kit that works with Mac/Win/Linux to capture live video and send it over a USB/Serial cable where it is pushed directly onto the video ram space of a circa 1977 Chip8 RCA “Pixie Video” emulator. The Pixie hardware was found on the COSMAC VIP and several RCA based video “PONG” consoles such as the RCA STUDIO II.

Amiga posses Ephidrena and Darklite

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Fresh new material from well known Amiga posses Ephidrena and Darklite!
Running on AGA Amigas (not sure which spec, I haven’t tried this in my 030 yet)  this demo got the first position at the oldschool competition in Solskogen 2010 party in Norway.

The demo mixes a cool video capture technique with really nice flat-surface 3D graphics and an acid soundtrack by Response. The code was by well known scener LOADERROR.

8-bit music

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It’s impossible to explore 8-bit music videos without at least dabbling in the world of chiptunes — music crafted in the style of, and often with the same computer hardware of, old-school games. Chiptune songstress Leeni’s clip for “Underworld” plays like a videogame stage show. Stick around for the eye-popping pixel light show towards the end.

Wired Mag has chosen the top chiptune videos


Datapop 3.0 Austin

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If you weren’t able to make it for the Datapop 3.0 festival in Austin, March 16-17, here’s some video clips of the action:

Datapop 3.0 – Je Deviens DJ en 3 Jours from BLT / IDM on Vimeo.

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