A quick look at the new Eowave Domino synthesizer

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.:.:DOMINO.::: is a discrete analogue synthesizer with a VCO in the tradition of MS20 and TB303. The VCO, filter & VCA are transistor made. This transistor architecture gives .:.:DOMINO.::: a unique raw sound. Rich and raw at the same time, no need of external effects to give life to the sound. The VCO offers a mix between sawtooth and square. Pulsewidth can be modulated by the LFO. The filter is a low-pass 24dB resonant filter. The analogue envelope range is from 1ms to 10s with attack, decay, sustain/release.The LFO has 8 different waveforms. On waveform 8, the modulation wheel can replace the LFO. MIDI CC 8 to 16 can transform the LFO in a sequencer to modulate pitch, pulsewidth, filter cutoff. The VCA can be modulated by a gate or by an envelope. In the legato mode, playing notes will generate glide between two notes. The glide time can be edited via MIDI CC. Additional features like a 8 steps sequencer, an arpeggiator and an accent recognition capability turns the Domino into a powerful tool.

Technical specifications

– 1 analogue oscillator from saw to square with tune and mix

– LFO modulation

– Pulsewidth modulation

– 24dB resonant filter

– Envelope modulation and LFO modulation of the filter

– LFO with Speed and Type parameters

– LFO syncable to MIDI clock

– Envelope with Attack, Decay, Sustain

– Analogue VCA

– Env/gate switch

-8 steps sequencer

– Arpeggiator

– Easy to use.

– Direct access to all parameters.


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