All the great electro music releases you can look forward to in 2013 – Comprehensive listing

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Our electro friends at RMM have compiled a list with some – not all – of the releases coming up that you might be interested in. All focused on electronic and synth based music:


The Juggernauts: ”Phoenix” (EP, March 1)

Spetsnaz: “For Generations to Come” (March 1)

The Klinik: “Eat Your Heart out” (March 1)

Autechre: “Exai” (March 4)

Front 242: ”Transmission SE91” (live, March 4)

Blush Response: “Tension Strategies” (March 8)

Melotron: ”Stuck in the Mirror” (single, March 8)

Hurts: “Exile” (March 11)

Ghost & Writer: “Red Flags” (March 12)

Pankow: “And Shun the Cure They Most Desire” (March 12)

The Mary Onettes: “Hit the Wave” (March 12)

Karl Bartos: “Off the Record” (March 15)

Mesh: “Automation Baby” (March 15)

IAMX: “The Unified Field” (March 21)

Leaether Strip: “Serenade for the Dead II” (March 22)

Welle:Erdball: ”Computerklang Vollversion” (EP, March 22)

How to Destroy Angels: “Welcome to Oblivion” (March 25)

Informatik: “Playing with Fire” (March 26)

Depeche Mode: “Delta Machine” (March 26)

Autodafeh: “Blackout Scenario” (March 28)

Syntax: “EP2″ (EP, tbc)



The Knife: “Shaking the Habitual” (April 5)

OMD: “English Electric” (April 8)

Torul: “Tonight We Dream Fiercly” (April 9)

Wumpscut: “Madman Szpital” (April 9)

Snog: “Babes in Consumerland” (April 23)

Juno Reactor: “The Golden Sun of the Great East” (April 23)

Die Krupps: “The Machinists of Joy” (tbc)



Alison Moyet: “The Minutes” (May 6)

Suicide Commando: “When Evil Speaks” (May 14)

Thyx: “Below the City” (May 14)

Skinny Puppy: “Weapon” (May 28)

Martin Sköld: “The Fire Is on Me” (date in May tbc)

Kite: “V” (EP, date in May tbc)

Daft Punk (date in May tbc)



Henric de la Cour: “Mandrills” (tbc)



Covenant: “Leaving Babylon” (date in September tbc)

Code 64: “Power up” (tbc)


Dates and/or titles tba

Iron Fist of the Sun: ”Who Will Wash My Right Hand?”

League of Nations/David Sinfield: ”Music for the New Depression/Oblique Strategy”

Sleep Musuem: ”White Like Summer Sutures”

Welle:Erdball: ”Tanzmusik für Roboter”

Haujobb: “Blendwerk”

The Prodigy: “How to Steal a Jet Fighter” (working title)

Nine Inch Nails


Front Line Assembly



Pride & Fall


Conjure One

Cat Rapes Dog

The Machinist

Cryo (tbc during autumn)



VNV Nation




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