Blue Cat’s Liny EQ 5.0

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Blue Cat’s Liny EQ 5.0 is a complete rewrite of their low latency linear phase EQ plug-ins. Liny EQ is an 8 bands linear phase graphic equalizer with very low latency and comprehensive visual feedback: it processes audio signals without phase distortion, with an unusually short latency (less than 3 milliseconds). Version 5.0 has now a brand new, fully customizable user interface, and includes many new features and enhancements: premium visual feedback with EQ curves, spectrum and spectrogram displays, new EQ shapes, single and dual channels modes, a new presets manager, Windows AAX support, multiple display sizes, new MIDI and automation mapping capabilities, and much more.

The plug-in is available alone or as part of Blue Cat’s Master Pack, a bundle including the company’s recommended plug-ins for mastering. A special introduction offer is available to new customers until June 15th: 25% off the plug-in and 15% off the bundle. Customers who recently purchased the software (in the past 3 months) will receive the upgrade for free, and others can upgrade to the new version for a small fee. Other Blue Cat Audio customers can purchase the plug-in with 40% discount.

Demo versions are available for download on, in VST, RTAS, AAX, Audio Unit and DirectX formats, for both Mac and PC (32 and 64-bit).

New Features:

- Brand new, fully customizable user interface:

–  New look and feel.

–  Show/hide what you need.

–  New EQ curve display.

–  New instant spectrum curves display.

–  New color or greyscale overlayed spectrogram view.

–  New output peak levels meters.

–  Multiple display sizes.

–  Improved readability.

–  Animated transitions.

- New “mix” parameter for instant dry/wet control or side chain dynamic equalization.

- New interpolation mode for up to four different EQ shapes.

- Now includes both single and dual channels versions and superseds the three plug-ins previously included in the Blue Cat’s Liny EQ Pack bundle.

- Spectrum and spectrogram displays can be frozen to capture spectral snapshots.

- New integrated presets manager:

–  Load/save presets from the plug-in’s user interface.

–  Organize presets with folders.

–  Customize the default preset.

–  Exchange presets easily.

- Automation range and response curve can now be customized for each parameter (in and out).

- Automation and MIDI settings (channel, MIDI learn etc.) are now accessible from the main user interface.

- AAX plug-in format is now also supported on Windows (Pro Tools 10.2 required).

Blue Cat’s Liny EQ 5: 74 EUR or $96 (instead of 99 EUR or $129) , until June 15th. Upgrade from Blue Cat’s Liny EQ 4: 19 EUR or $25. Blue Cat’s Master Pack: 390 EUR or $509 (instead of 459 EUR or $599), until June 15th.


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