Demo Alesis Fusion 8hd : vocoder “Human Choir” (VP330-style) simulated

July 3, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized 

For this short improvised demo, the author has used internal programs and mixes from preset and Hollow Sun banks.

Here are the details:

8 tracks recorded in audio live in Presonus Studio One Artist v 1.6.5:
- mix “DANGER” (rythmics)
- Pea PG Vox (relatively close to the “human choir” of the Roland VP330 with no strings)
- imported sample : PolyMoog Vox Humana for bass and lead parts
- mix “high pass heaven”
- mix “trancin” with arpeggiator
- ambiance + chorus
- Sounds Fx 1 and 2


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