DrumOn – New pro mobile drum machine for iOS

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Tapgic Technology Limited has introduced DrumOn – described as ‘a professional mobile Drum Machine’.

DrumOn is intended to turn your iPad into an advanced drum pad for live performance – like a hardware drum pad.

Main Features:

  • Over 16bit/44.1kHz to 24bit/48kHz PCM quality sound bank with maximum polyphony of 32-notes.
  • Each Drum Kit has a individual rhythm Demo playing in loop, you can change the drum kit when you play.
  • Realistic Choke Performance of Pedal Hi-Hat, Closed Hi-Hat and Open Hi-Hat.
  • 15 grades of Touch-Velocity let you play like a real instrument, the harder you play, the more dynamics and volume you’ll get.
  • Available to change the drum pad numbers from 8 to 12 or 16 to get bigger area or more sounds as you need.
  • Available to open or close the pad names.
  • Exclusive Function Side-Bars are available to open or close by the top-bar buttons or two-fingers touch gesture.
  • Full control of individual pad’s Level and Pan, each drum kit has a built-in setting and you can change it.
  • Full-featured built-in metronome which is absolutely accurate with the industrial quartz precision.
  • High quality effect module for the global output including OVERDRIVE, REVERB, DELAY (iOS6+ ) is fully user-defined. You can also the change the effects order to get different sound effect.
  • Music Player lets you import your music tracks to Jam with, you can change the Volume, Loop and Speed of the music tracks.

Drum Kits in Version 1.0 :

  • ADK01 Standard Kit
  • ADK02 Rock Kit
  • ADK03 Live Kit
  • ADK04 Studio Kit
  • EDK01 Electronic Kit
  • EDK02 Electronic Kit
  • EDK03 Electronic Kit
  • EDK04 Electronic Kit
  • VRK01 Vintage Kit
  • VRK02 Vintage Kit
  • VRK03 Vintage Kit
  • VRK04 Vintage Kit
  • VRK05 TR606
  • VRK06 TR808

Get it here >>


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