First preview of the new MIDIbox SEQ V4L

September 4, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized 

This video demonstrates the brand new MIDIbox SEQ V4L, a variant of MBSEQV4 with minimalistic user interface. Buttons and LEDs are directly connected to the MBHP_CORE_LPC17 module (which is under the small table). An external keyboard is required to enter Notes, Pitchbender and CCs.

MBSEQV4L controls a virtual Mk II with Seq1, and a Wurlitzer with Seq2. Both sequences have been recorded live and at once, only the Stylus RMX based drums have been added later in Logic Pro to make this video a little bit less boring. 😉

What happens:
[0:05] configuring Seq1 for 32 steps (2 bars)
[0:14] a basic pattern is entered in Live Recording mode to define the basic rhythm
[0:19] now this sequence is automatically looped
[0:25] switching to Step Recording mode
[0:27] and entering additional notes for selected steps
[0:32] activating force-to-scale: Pentatonic Minor (previously forgotten)
[1:05] yes, we can also enter chords! :)
[1:55] activating the Humanizer with extreme settings (random keys/velocity/length – always in scale!)
[2:04] activating Groove with Shuffle feel and modified Delays/Velocities/Lengths
[2:11] now it gets more funky! :)
[2:12] trying some magic LFO presets – affecting note and velocity
[2:36] trying different Step Progressing presets – affecting step increment/decrement/repeat
[2:35] some different LFO presets again
[3:08] break
[3:17] entering a second sequence, played by a virtual Wurlitzer
[3:26] notes are entered in Step Recording mode
[3:57] trying different MIDI Echo effects on Seq1 with Note increment (but forced to scale)
[4:28] introducing our special guest! 😉
[4:32] my beloved app “Pianist Pro” is running on the iPad, it sends OSC messages to MBSEQV4 which are converted to MIDI and thereafter sent to Logic Audio via USB
[5:21] additional notes are entered, making the sequences more complex
[5:33] muting Seq1, the Wurlitzer plays alone
[5:58] all MIDI effects are activated – MBSEQV4L jams a bit out of human control meanwhile, but it still sounds nice 😉
[6:40] unmuting and modifying the MIDI effects of Seq1
[7:04] slowly some steps are disabled to thin out the sequences


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