FL Studio Groove | Demo

September 3, 2013 · Posted in Uncategorized 

FL Studio Groove is a touch-based music production & performance application. With a 10 pad sample-based drum machine and 5 polyphonic synth channels you get all you need need to compose, arrange, edit, mix and perform professional quality music.

Make complete songs, play & program synthesizers, play drums, add effects, edit musical sequences.

- Windows 8 Touch | Music Production Application

- Sequence Drums

- Powerful piano roll for melodic work

- Flexible mixer with production & performance effects

- Two-tire piano keyboard optimized for touch

- 10 drumpads with dual-sample layering

- FX: Glitch, Flanger/Phaser, Delay, Filters, EQ, Bit-crusher & more

- Five 2-oscillator synthesizer channels

- Create basses, leads, pads or experimental sounds

- Record automation of almost any parameter.


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