GYM e.g.g. (Electro Groove Generator) iPhone App – fitness pacer and music generator

October 20, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized 

A new and fresh way to workout, train and get fit to music. Fresh and energizing, high quality generated sounds, electro beats and sequences that constantly evolve. Stimulating, sometimes hypnotic – the music is there with you in the background while you train and it’s different every time. Designed to keep you alert and at pace to the beat that suits you. You choose the speed and the music is generated for you as you go.
Have you ever been to the gym and find yourself running or cycling to the background beat? If you find a good beat that you can synchronize with, you often find you can push yourself harder. It is a bit like dancing. How many times have you listened to your favourite music but the beat is too slow or too fast or your playlist has a few tracks that do not work well while exercising? Well now you can set your own speed to train to. This will help you go that bit further by locking on to the pace of the beat that you choose.

Progressive electro beats and grooves are constantly evolving. Influences range from House, 80’s electro to Dub-Step. Its not all just random! There are rules that have been created and the beats and melodies are all created from these rules. As with the nature of this app, there may be the odd time when the music is not to your liking so there is a “dislike” button which will completely re-generate the current song. Every ‘song’ gradually mixes into a new one when it is finished. Remember this is background music to train to so although you wont get a musical masterpiece, you will usually get electrifying electro goodness to keep pace to. Includes built-in audio effects.
To use: Press “go” then tap the “TAP” button to your pace. Use the + and – buttons to refine the speed. If the music becomes uninspiring or a bit crazy then tap the unhappy face or you can wait a few minutes as it will eventually change.
Pressing “stop” twice will reset the stopwatch. You can change the exercise graphics from running to cycling or rowing.

Warning: Do not set the BPM too high at first. Give yourself 5-10 minutes at a moderately easy speed to make sure you can keep up. This app is designed to help push you further by locking on to the beat of the music so make sure it is not set too high. If you feel out of breath or faint, stop immediately.


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