Hack Me Rockit synthesizer – open source analog-digital hybrid synth

January 9, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Latest update:

“The Rockit case is finally finished. I got the third and final prototype of the Rockit case in, put it together, and did the happy dance. I’m going to make some small adjustments for the production order, but nothing that will require another round of prototypes. I’m going to put up the case for pre-sale today. I need to hit a threshold of about 50 orders in order to buy it. The lead time from the laser cutter is three weeks, so these should ship in February. The cost will be $50.”

“Rockit is a monophonic, digital and analog hybrid synthesizer. Rockit can make one sound at a time, but it has the capacity to make very simple sounds to very complex and dynamic sounds. Sound generation begins with digital synthesis, moves through analog amplification, analog filtering, and comes out a product of both the digital birth and the analog processing. The digital synthesis is comprised of two oscillators with independent waveform selection. These oscillators can be mixed or played independently and the second oscillator can be detuned from the first in note steps. The analog amplification stage has independent envelope controls for a complete ADSR envelope generator. Rockit’s filter section is an entirely digitally controllable analog filter, meaning all filter parameters are explicitly accessible internally, via knobs and switches, and externally, via MIDI. In addition, Rockit has two Low-Frequency Oscillators for modulating various synthesizer parameters at controllable rates and amounts.

Rockit offers 18 knobs and 8 switches for controlling both the digital synthesis and shaping the analog processing. Rockit is enabled to store and recall 16 patches, storing all knob, switch, and LED settings. Rockit also has a Drone and Loop feature that allows for independent play. For inputs and outputs, Rockit has an audio output and an audio input which routes into the analog filter. Rockit has MIDI In and Out capabilities with all settings accessible via MIDI controller channel numbers. All knob movements are transmitted to the MIDI output on the appropriate MIDI channel number…”

More: http://hackmeopen.com/


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