IanniX – graphical open-source sequencer

July 8, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized 

From UPIC to IanniX
IanniX is a graphical open-source sequencer, based on Iannis Xenakis works, for digital art. IanniX syncs via Open Sound Control (OSC) events and curves to your real-time environment. This video explains how UPIC has inspired IanniX and what kind of new writings are now possible.

IanniX Features:

  • Sequencer - IanniX can be used with a diversity of software and hardware tools.
  • Real-time - IanniX can be modified and operated in real-time.
  • Space & Time - IanniX’s graphical space spans several dimensions and time scales.
  • Open Sound Control - The OSC protocol allows fast network communication.
  • Open-source - IanniX is licensed under GPL 3, free and cross-platform.
  • Programmable - Scripts for IanniX can be written using JavaScript to create complex and generative scores.

IanniX is available as a free download for Linux, Mac & Windows.

Get it here >>


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