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May 10, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized 

The guys at Moog Music have launched an all-new Website. Moog’s online home is even more musical than ever. The updated site is a true online destination for Moog-heads and synth aficionados of every stripe. Among other highlights, visitors to will see:

– The Moog Sound Lab, which drops known and unknown bands in a studio full of Moog gear to see what sounds they can come up with.  The bi-weekly series has debuted featuring the Dandy Warhols, re-inventing their song “Green” from their 1997 album “Come Down”.

– The new LEGACY section, which features a short but highly informative documentary on the Minimoog. Follow the life of the Minimoog Synthesizer from its inception through its prolific contributions to poplular music throughout the last 4 decades. In this first installment documenting the journey of the Minimoog synth through the 1970’s, we explore the musicians and the people that were instrumental in bringing the instrument to prominence. We also sit with one of Moog Music’s earliest engineers, Bill Hemsath, who recalls the process of the Minimoog’s birth and sheds some light on what sets the Moog synthesizer apart from other analog synths.

Gear and products news abound. For more of all things Moog, it’s definitely worth a visit.


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