“Korg-asbord” – new Ableton Live rack

March 24, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Live performance of a new track by AfroDJMac “This is on Your Mind.” Performed in Ableton Live using an APC40, Launchpad, OP-1, MPK Mini. Track Originates from a jam in the iPad app Korg iMS-20.

Check out http://bit.ly/freesynth52 for an Ableton Live Set download with the sounds used to create the track!

Background details:

After creating the basic tracks using the Korg iMS-20 app for the iPad, I brought the track into Abletonto “take it to the next level.” This week’s download features sampled instruments created with the Korg iMS-20.

The track is relatively simple, based on just one chord, two synths and three drum sounds.  All of those sounds have been taken out the Korg iMS-20 app and placed into Ableton Instruments with their own effects and controls.  The beauty is that Ableton allows us to take those sounds to sonic places impossible within the app.  The Korg iMS-20 really sounds great and I hope you will find these instruments useful in your own productions.



As a bonus to these three most excellent instruments, I also created another instrument using the new Korg Monotron Duo (hence the title “Korg-asbord”).  These samples were graciously sent to me by Hamtone.  (This was extremely kind of him, so please check out his site and Like his Facebook page).  I took some of those samples and stacked them up, along with a sine-wave-Operator synth, in an instrument rack.  This allows you to mix all three sounds together to create some exciting timbres.  If you checked out my 13th download, with the original Korg Monotron, you know not to be fooled by the diminutive stature of this synth; it is a deep, thick, heavy beast!

Now as if that is not enough, our friend JM-DG (the man who supplied the samples for the Dirty Trumpet and Shakey Muted Trumpet Packs) has sent me an incredible instrument rack made with an upright bass.  I didn’t even touch the rack and give it to you just as he gave it to me, because it is incredible!  It has controls to change from bowed to pizzicato, arpeggiating delay, distortion, basically everything you could want.  I’m sure that this instrument will find its place in many productions down the road, amazing!


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