Ableton Magic Racks: Processing Racks – new collection of 5 powerful mixing and creative FX processing racks by Hedflux for Ableton 9

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Sample Magic has announced Ableton Magic Racks: Processing Racks, a collection of 5 powerful mixing and creative FX processing racks by Hedflux for Ableton 9.

Take your sound processing, track mix-downs and live set performances to the next level with our advanced mixing and creative FX racks. Processing Racks contains five powerful racks designed to give you complex sonic manipulation with the simplest of macro controls.

As always, each rack has been painstakingly sculpted to meet the demands of modern electronic music producers and performers. Vigorously tried and tested both in the studio and in the club, these five racks will help give your music a truly unique sonic stamp.

Built solely using Ableton’s native tools, each rack utilises complex processing chains to offer highly flexible, powerful and dance-tailored FX manipulation and mix processing that will become and indispensable part of your music production arsenal.

All five racks have eight simple macro knobs to control custom reverbs, delays, beat-repeats, gates, distortions, filters and multi-band compressors to offer unrivalled production know-how with the minimum of fuss.

For advanced users there’s endless possibilities as all racks are totally customisable – open them up, tweak parameters, change routings, swap in and out tools – so they fit your workflow seamlessly.

Ableton Magic Racks: Processing Racks is available for purchase for £14.90 GBP.

BeatSeeker syncs Ableton Live with drums

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BeatSeeker is a responsive Max for Live device that adapts Live’s tempo to stay in time with a drummer or other rhythmic audio. It lets bands maintain their natural groove when performing with Live. The device has been developed by Andrew Robertson, based on research at the Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University of London.

Learn more about BeatSeeker:…


BeatSeeker works by detecting the BPM of any rhythmic audio signal and matching Live to its tempo. Then you can launch clips and BeatSeeker adapts Live’s tempo to respond to the signal and keep on the beat.

Drummers can switch between playing to a click or having Live react to shifts in tempo by using one simple control, which can MIDI-map to a footswitch or other controller.

BeatSeeker is designed for use with live drums, but can also be used by DJs to sync Live with turntables, or with any other rhythmic audio signal used in performance or production.

OSCiLLOT Lite – free Modular System for Live

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Max for Cats have released a free “Lite” version of OSCiLLOT, a
polyphonic modular synthesis system for use with Max for Live. The Lite version of OSCiLLOT comes with 26 modules and features three voices of polyphony.

OSCiLLOT Lite is a free version of the OSCiLLOT Modular System. Grab it here:
It requires Ableton Live 9 and Max for Live.…
See also:…
Max for Cats crafts Software Instruments, Effects, MIDI devices, Sound Design and Samples for Ableton Live.

They have also released an update (v1.1) to the full-featured OSCiLLOT, which brings Max 7 compatibility and introduces a new Macro Mapping feature to the software.

The new Macro Mapping feature in OSCiLLOT v1.1 allows the user to remotely control any OSCiLLOT parameter via automation and MIDI, for full hands-on control of your modular patches.  The number of included OSCiLLOT modules also continues to grow, and for this update the “DSP wizards” at Surreal Machines have produced several special units to add to the assortment.

The new modules include:

  • SM Precision HighCut: a non-resonant Butterworth lowpass filter for surgical lowpass needs, with slopes from 6bB to 48dB.
  • SM Analog Slew Delay: This is an analog-inspired delay unit with multiple styles of slew-limiter audio-input modification, BBD-inspired tonal shaping and filtering, warm feedback saturation and subtly distorted bass presence.
  • SM XOVER: high-quality crossover filters to separate your audio into low- and high frequency parts
  • SM Destroyer: digital mayhem for your modular.
  • SM Multiband Distortion: high quality oversampled saturation across three tunable bands of operation
  • GrainResynth: a granular resampler with modulation

Quintet 64 – new free Ableton Pack for Push that uses a Modern Classical palette

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Flintpope has announced the release of Quintet 64, a new free Ableton Pack for Push that uses a Modern Classical palette.

Inspired by Steve Reich’s SEXTET I’ve made a 64-pad rack with two vibraphones (one hit and one bowed), a marimba, a piano and a voice/organ hybrid. The main instruments have two octaves each to inspire some riffing and there is NO percussion.

In this zip are two racks: one version of the rack is in A major and the other in the admittedly unrelated A harmonic minor because it was a simple rewrite.
The samples are all rendered in SIMPLER so this pack works for Live 9 Intro (v. 9.2) and up. These racks are optimised for PUSH but will work on any midi keyboard.

The pack is a free download from Flintpope.

Ableton has announced the release of Live 9.2 – Check it out

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Ableton has announced the release of Live 9.2, an update to the music production software for Windows and Mac.

Live 9.2 brings refinements to Live’s audio warping and introduces latency-compensated automation, a new Tuner device, and more.

For Push users this update brings the ability to use all 64 pads to play drums – and quickly flip back to 16 pads for step sequencing.

In addition, Max for Live now includes Max 7, the latest, most powerful version of Max.

Check the release notes for details on what is new. Live 9 is available for purchase starting at 79 EUR.

Ableton has also released a free 64 Pad Lab pack by Mad Zach, featuring five extensive Drum Racks tailored for use with Push’s 64 Pad mode.

In a new video, Mad Zach shares his strategies for playing with the 64 pad layout, tweaking individual sounds, and some useful production tips for getting punchy drums – all on the basis of the free 64 Pad Lab Pack.

Sample Magic – Ableton Bass Instruments

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Sample Magic has released Ableton Bass Instruments, a collection of bass instruments for Ableton Live.

Using Ableton’s powerful Analog and Operator synths alongside custom-built FX chains, Ableton Bass Instruments serves up 10 intuitive and versatile bass instruments modelled on the most iconic bass sounds in electronic music.

From the distinctive acid of the TR-303 to the bouncing subs of the TR-808 to the complex Moog Voyager and Korg MS-20 and beyond, this diverse pack offers instant pan-genre bass sounds that can be jammed, tweaked and automated in almost endless permutations for total bassline satisfaction.

The pack is available for purchase for £14.90 GBP. Requires Ableton Live 9.

ModularSynthesis101 with the Arturia Modular V

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We start with a sketch based on fundamental principles and then resample/sync to our DAW, Ableton Live. Then conclusion happens around a recap of all of the core concepts of Subtractive/Modular synthesis.


OSCiLLOT v. 1.0.2: new Modules walk through.

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OSCiLLOT v. 1.0.2: new Modules walk through.

Max For Cats has released an update to OSCiLLOT – its modular system for Ableton Live.

OSCiLLOT offers more than 100 modules – including oscillators, processors, filters, mixers, modulators, amplifiers, shapers, sequencers, utilities and more. These comprise the basic building blocks of many electronic instruments and effects.…
Max for Cats crafts Software Instruments, Effects, MIDI devices, Sound Design and Samples for Ableton Live.
RED Filter

CV to MIDI Send: Now supports CC data and has 8 routing busses
Looper: Has a new Trigger input to toggle recording

LPGate: ‘ping’ function would not work correctly
Random Value: min/max values would not be correctly restored
Random Value: would sometimes not output values
Redux: Overload LED could spill into Live’s Undo history
Editor: Could save faulty data after restoring a patch from Live’s crash recovery

Meet the Makers: Ableton Developers at Work

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Meet the Ableton Developers!

We’re always looking to highlight the amazing things people do with Live and Push – we love hearing from musicians, producers, and technologists from around the world. But there’s also a group of talented people right in our midst who make all this creative activity possible in the first place, and yet they’re almost never in the spotlight; our team of developers.

We made a short film to show – instead of just describe – what it’s like to work as a developer at Ableton. Here’s your chance to meet the people who make the tools you use, see how their work is evolving, and find out what inspires them.

Learn more about working at Ableton:

MX-1 Mix Performer with Ableton Live and TR-8

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The Mixer. Reimagined as an instrument.

Armed with only a few sustained sounds from Ableton Live and a TR-8, KiNK shows how the MX-1 takes electronic music performance to the next level. The latest in Roland’s AIRA line, the MX-1 Mix Performer is a mixer that plays like an instrument. It brings spontaneous, hands-on control to live electronic music performance. With per-channel step based FX and playable Master FX, the MX-1 brings together your synths, drum machines, DAW tracks and more.

In this video, KiNK is streaming a handful of sustained sounds from Ableton Live directly to the MX-1. A TR-8 is connected with a single cable via AIRA Link. The MX-1 is controlling transport and master tempo of the entire setup. You’ll see how KiNK uses the per-channel Beat FX to add rhythm to the sustained loops from Ableton Live and then incorporates the TR-8 in perfect sync. Using the MX-1’s “External Mode” KiNK is even able to apply Ableton Live’s own internal FX processing to the TR-8 hardware.

Finally, there’s a mixer that’s meant to be played.

Learn more about the MX-1 Mix Performer at

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