MFOS Noise Toaster Presentation

August 11, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Noise Toaster details can be found below:
The MFOS Noise Toaster is the latest LO-FI project we’ve come up with deep in the MFOS underground lab. I really think people who attend noise fests, noise battles, synth-diy meets, the symphony (alright maybe not the symphony…) are going to consider this standard equipment (symphony during intermission may be OK). I have to say that in some places having this much fun with a single nine volt battery might just be totally illegal so be careful where you bring it! The Noise Toaster has: One wide range VCO, a WHITE NOISE GENERATOR, a simple but fun VCF, a simple but effective VCA, an AR envelope generator, an LFO with several waveforms, a line out jack, and a nicely normalized switching scheme. But wait… there’s more! Last but not least we’ve put a 1W amp and speaker right into the unit. I want to emphasize that this device is LO-FI. It is not a temperature compensated, V/Octave trackin, needs calibratin’, must have highest quality components – kind of thing. This thing is just a freakin’ blast to goof with. Prepare to create a limitless cadre of amazing and unusual sounds. And of course there will be mods in the future. How about connecting your WSG to the Noise Toaster’s filter and VCA… I already put some pads on the PC board to facilitate it. You could even modulate the Noise Toaster with the WSG (pads for that too)! I plan to offer kits and PC boards as well as complete units. I’ll put a blurb on the MFOS home page when the project is posted.

Why is it called the “Noise Toaster” you ask? Well, what would you call something that has a bunch of knobs and switches that, when twiddled, cause unusual sounds and noises to pop out? Right… Then… On to the next project.


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