Modular: Sic Itur Ad Astra

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Modular synth and Kontakt 5, details below:

Some ideas on the bass line sequence were to use the triple switch for ratchet timing. I used the Q960 for a pitch source, the Q963 Trigger Bus for note gate and switching in a double on beat 6. The faster 1/16th ratchet was randomly selected by a Yves Usson Random Gates module.

Two Q106’s were used with 32′ sawtooth and 16′ PWM. The filter was a Q150 Transistor Ladder Filter in -24dB. I routed a split line output from the filter through a VCA controlled by a slow LFO and back into the filter for boosted body which came and went. The output from the Q150 then went to a Q107 State Variable Filter. The Q107 had two slow LFO’s slightly modifying the resonance and frequency center. There was a third tap off the Q106’s sine wave through another VCA into the Q107 filter.This sine wave was slowly coming and going with an LFO which brought up the deep bass tone.

The midrange piano-like sound was a combination of two Q106’s controlled by an STG VMS and a Q119 row. The filter was an Oakley SVF in LP mode.

The percussive sound was noise through an Oakley Diode Ladder Filter with it’s center frequency modified by a quantized random voltage from a Sputnik WCRS. The trigger to the Oakley envelope generator was from an STG TMS. output skip timing was a Cynthia LPG under gate control from a row of the Moon 563 Trigger Bus.

A fast arpeggiation line was from the Future Retro Mobius into a Double-Dekka Ultrasonic VCO then through an EG, VCA and delay pedal.

The played chord parts are using Kontakt5 with three instances of Hollow Sun’s Vintage Strings VP330 choir, Polymoog Vox Humana and Arp Solina brass. Recorded in Cubase and edited in Final Cut Pro. All in one track.

Such Is the Path to the Stars!


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