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The Little Phatty was released in 2006 as a tribute to the life and legacy of Moog Music founder and synthesizer pioneer, Bob Moog. Following the passing of Dr. Moog, The Little Phatty was the first Moog synthesizer designed by Moog Music’s Chief Engineer, Cyril Lance.

Over the course of its seven year production run, the Little Phatty has gone through three incantations including The Tribute, Stage I, and Stage II editions. During that time, the Little Phatty has become one of the best selling professional analog synthesizers in history. Its sonic impact on modern music can be heard on thousands of records, and its signature swooped-back silhouette can be seen in top recording facilities around the world as well as on the stages of internationally touring musical acts such as Rush, Jack White, Queens of The Stone Age, No Doubt, Bernie Worrell and the hit shows American Idol, Nashville and Portlandia

This modification comes with a Little Phatty gig bag and full tune up to bring your Little Phatty back to original factory specification.

The Little Phatty CV Out modification unlocks a host of modular control features and flexibility tucked away in your Little Phatty.
It allows you to connect to Moogerfoogers, synthesizers and other analog gear to create sounds in new ways not possible with MIDI.
You also gain access to the Little Phatty’s analog noise source for creating powerful analog snare drums and percussion effects.

Mod Bus Output- Provides access to any selected modulation source. Send an LFO to your Moogerfooger, or select noise as a source and patch it to the Phatty’s audio input for hard-hitting snare drums and percussion effects.

Pitch Output- As the pitch of your synthesizer increases, so does the control voltage.When this output is connected to any control input on a Moogerfooger or analog synthesizer, that control inputs value will increase as higher notes are played and decrease as lower notes are played.

Gate Output- Each time a note is pressed, a gate signal is sent and when that note is released, the signal ends. This output can be used creatively with the Phatty’s built in arpeggiator to create rhythmic, drone, percussive effects in analog synthesizers and Moogerfoogers.

Volume Envelope Output- The shape of your Volume Envelope is outputted as a control voltage. When connected to other analog devices, an envelope yields dynamic and evolving control information that can be used in a variety musical ways.

Filter Envelope Output- The shape of your Filter Envelope is outputted as a control voltage. When connected to other analog devices, an envelope yields dynamic and evolving control information that can be used in a variety musical ways.


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