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March 3, 2008 · Posted in Electronic Music 


Swedish duo Herr A and Herr B aka System was nominated for best electronic album in 2006 for their album “Sample and Hold”. March 26 marks the release of their third CD “Self Organising System” (will also be released as a double CD in a limited edition).

About them

SYSTEM was formed in the early nineties from the ashes of the group Die von Kempelens (DvK). DvK took their name from a hungarian inventor from the 18th century and programmed up-beat minimal synth pop. DvK never released anything officially but got a small underground hit with their song “Machines in Love” which was played rather frequently at the clubs in Stockholm at the time.

Later DvK slowly shifted into SYSTEM and Herr A and Herr B, the two former members of DvK and now, the members of SYSTEM, started working in a slightly different direction. Where DvK was a hobby band, SYSTEM was for real. And where DvK songs, although being very good, were badly and sometimes sloppily produced and thought through, SYSTEMs songs were the opposite.

The two gentlemen A and B locked themselves in their laboratory for quite some time and soon a couple of demoes saw the light of day. The demoes were called (in chronological order): “Music for machines”, “Artificial intelligence”, “Human/Machine interface”, “Fuzzy logic” and “Silicon based EP”. These demoes were, however, not distributed commercially in any way and the number of copies of each is very low (probably below 10 copies/demo). Then suddenly one day someone who was organising a concert happened to hear one of the demos and he got so excited with what he had heard that he insisted on that SYSTEM should come and play at his venue – which they did.

Since this last release SYSTEM has been busy with touring and has also contributed tracks to a number of compilations both in Sweden and abroad.


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